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Background photo detail showing Ellen Marie Lucifer © 2001 Phil Kunin

"Allen, A.A.-Crying Demons vol. 1"
"Allen, A.A.-Crying Demons vol. 2"
"Allin, G G & the Murder Junkies-Live"
"Allin, G G- Funeral"
"Allin, G G- Live & Pissed"
"Allin, G G -Prelude to Desturction "
"Allin, G.G.-3 shows: S.F. in drag, Boston Classroom, ???"
"Allin, G.G.-Atlanta"
"Allin, G.G.-Cavity Club, Rec Room '92"
"Allin, G.G.-Chicago"
"Allin, G.G.-Detroit; + The Cramps U.K. TV, Alice Cooper-Black Juju, Malibu U. Roof In, Plasmatics-TV"
"Allin, G.G.-Last Show"
"Allin, G.G.-Lismar Lounge"
"Allin, G.G.-Motel Hell (x)"
American Hardcore- author Steven Blush lecture on Punk Rock LA '02
Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor-Paris 11-1-84
Aryan Fest- '89
Aryan Fest- '90
Beach Boys Und Satan- German Documentary
Beyound Joy & Evil oy & Evil- Live in Hollywood with Vaginal Davis & Glen Meadmore + Glen Meadmore & Ed Keller 111
Beyound Joy & Evil - Live in Hollywood Knitting Factory and Club Zen
Beyound Joy & Evil-Live at the CIA L.A. + The Sloppy Tittie Freaks
"Beyound Joy & Evil-Tradition is the Avant Garde Shows + Glen Meadmore, Cosmic Daniel, etal L.A. '94, '95"
"Captian Beefheart- Compilation vol. 1- '70, '72, '80, 80's"
"Captian Beefheart- Compilation vol. 2 '68, '69, '89, MC5 Detroit"
"Christian Death- Concert, Shadown Project documentary"
Christian Death- Hollywood '89
Christian Death- Marque 10-6-'89
"Cluster, The Brian, Kitt'n Sparkel- Spaceland L.A. '96"
"Coil, Test Dept., Foetus, Current 93: The Sound of Prowless"
"Coltrane, John- S>F> '64, Germany '61, France '65"
"Cosmic Daniel, The- It's A Queens World Tour compilation "
"Cosmic Daniel, The- Limbo Lounge compilation '88"
"Costes, Jean Louis: Mar. 2007 Live The Smell LA Ca. "
Cpt. Beefheart- UK Documentary
Cpt. Beefheart: comp. vol 3
Crass- Christ The Movie
Current 93- Live U.K.
Current 93- Osaka
"Davis, Vaginal- The Former Miss Barstow with Glen Meadmore, Brian Doyle Murray"
"Davis, Vaginal, Bad Asstards, Letchers-Club Sucker '99"
"Davis, Vaginal, Les Beaux Peeps, Michael Quercio-Club Sucker '99"
"Davis, Vaginal, Spanking Machine, Jennifer Blowdryer, Glen Meadmore, Don Boles-Club Sucker '99"
"Davis, Vaginal, Timonium, Severna-Club Sucker + Vaginal's Art Show"
"Davis, Vaginal-Intimacy & Tomorrow L.A. '96"
"Davis, Vaginal-The Afro Sisters in SLA, Fertiles Last Dance, Cholita, That Fertile Feeling, It All Started in Black"
"Davis, Vaginal-UCLA show with Brian Grillo, Ann Magnusen, El Vez, Joey Cheese, Phrank"
"Day The Music Died, The-Randalls Island Rock Festival"
Death In June- Amiens
Death In June- Bocheum Germany
Death in June: Behind the Mask
Death In June-London
Death In June-Sunset Strip '00 with NON
Divine-The Neon Woman
Dragnet vs. The Hippies featuring Blue Boy
Einsturzende Neubauten- Liebeslieder
Einsturzende Neubauten- Rome '93
Einsturzende Neubauten- Ten Years Of…
"Extra Fancy, Vaginal Davis- Club Sucker (last show) '99"
"Fahey, John- Ash Grove L.A. April '97"
"Fisher, Harvey Sid- Live at Mondo Video"
Forty Five Grave- Live at Speak No Evil L.A. '89
"Fukimos, July '98 Marathon with Vaginal Davis and much more"
"Fukimos, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
Funkadelic- Houston '78
Funkadelic- Houston '85
Funkadelic- TV Compilation
Funkadelic- Washington DC '85
"Galas, Diamanda- The Kitchen, NYC 4-19-91"
"Galas, Diamanda- Washington DC 4-11-91"
"Game, The- 60's JD short + Collectors, Mothers, Grateful Dead, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, Small Faces, Buffy St Marie"
"Garrel, Philip- Pop Films- '66-'67, Donovan, The Who, Mariane Faithful, French Pop"
Genitortures- w/ Flyswater & Jean Fine
"Germs Book Release Party- Don Boles, Adam Parfey, Brendon May '02"
Germs Reunion: Private Party 2005 "05 The Adolesants, Germs Book shows-La Jesus and Odium"
"Germs, The- Live- Whiskey Riot- Xmas '79"
"Goebbels, Joseph- J.G. presents Nazi Swing"
"Grillo, Brian, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
"Grown Ups, Buck, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
"Hafler Trio, The- Ft. Worth 12-6-90"
"Haino, Keiji- Live at the Hong Kong Café L.A. '94"
Hank 111: Joe Colemans Art Show Tour + Private Party Show and Concert (2 Tapes)
Hank 111: Live at Bakersfield Ca. 2006
Hank 111: Live at Brooklyn NYC Oct 2006
Hank 111: Live at Philly Oct 2006
Hank 111: Live at Sunset Junction 2006
Hank 111: Live at Ventura Ca. 2006
Hank 111: SF 2007
Haunted Garage-Reunion Show Fri 13 '08 Safari Sams Aes-Nihil exclusive
Heino- Sing Mit-Vol. 1
Heino- Sing Mit-Vol. 2
Heino- Sing Mit-Vol. 3
Jesus & Mary Chain- Live The Garage L.A. '98
Kids of Widney High- Live at Mondo Video vol. 1
Kids of Widney High- Live at Mondo Video vol. 2
"Kids of Widney High- Live at the Vampire Bizarre '00 + Boyd Rice, Penis Flytrap, The Goddess Bunny"
Kids of Widney High- Live at You've Got Bad Taste '97
Kriegsberichter- vol. 1: Dannish & Finnish White-Power Bands
Kriegsberichter- vol. 1: Dannish & Finnish White-Power Bands vol. 2
Liabach- A Film From Slovinia
Liabach- Berkeley
Liabach- Dallas '89
Liabach- Milwaukee
Liabach- NYC '92
"Madona-Rama- Al's Bar LA '00, Whiskey Au Go-Go '00, + Sex With Lurch-Hard Rock Café & Whiskey"
Madona-Rama- LA '96
Madonna-Bees- San Pedro '96
"Meadmore, Glen- CIA LA '00"
"Meadmore, Glen- Hay Stack, Pyramid Club with Vaginal Davis & Ru Paul, Yoko Tribute, Music Videos"
"Meadmore, Glen- LA '94, '96 + Vaginal Davis in Cholita"
"Meadmore, Glen- LA '95, '96"
"Meadmore, Glen- LA '96, '97"
"Meadmore, Glen- Live Atlanta with Run Paul, LA '88, Las Vegas '90, Tradition is the Avant Garde show"
"Meadmore, Glen- SF '98"
"Meadmore, Glen-LA '87, '88, '91"
"Meadmore, Glen's Navajo Sweatshirt, Brandon Cruz, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker '99"
Merzbow- L.A. '95
"Murmers, The, Ellen Degenerate, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
"Music From Hell- featuring The Monks, Harvey Sid Fisher, Tiny Tim, etc."
"Neptunas, The, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
Nico- Dusseldorf
Nico- J'entends Plus La Guitare by Garrel
Nico- La Berceru de Cristal by Garrel
Nico- La Cicatrice by Garrel '72
Nico- Manchester
Nico- Prague
Nico- Spanish Documentary (English)
Nico- Striptease (acting apperance)
Nico- Tokyo
Nico- Un Ange Passe by Garrel
Nico- Vienna '87
"NON/Boyd Rice & Radio Werewolf, Adam Parfrey, Zena La Vey- Ritual Performance SF"
NON/Boyd Rice- Osaka Japan
"NON/Boyd Rice-Vampire Bizarre, Sunset Strip + Death In June '00, '02"
"Nudist Priest, Vaginal Davis- Club Sucker Dec. '98"
"Ono, Yoko- 2 Virgins, Up Your Legs Forever, + Little Stabs At Happiness- Ken Jacobs "
"Ono, Yoko- Apotheosis, Rape, MOMA, Cut Piece"
"Ono, Yoko- Free Time, Erection"
"Ono, Yoko- Sisters O Sisters, Freedom Film Smile #5"
"Ono, Yoko-Fly, #4, See The Sky "
Penis Flytrap- Museum of Death + Kenneth Anger
PME- First Show LA featuring Glen Meadmore & Vaginal Davis
"PME- live LA Cop\rporate Tour + The As Baboons, Glen Meadmore Country Band"
PME- live LA Jabberjaw
PME- live LA Militia Tour + HBO Special + Dartsmouth tour
PME- live LA White Power Tour '97
PME-live at Lace LA + Glen Meadmore Country Band and Karen Dior (the psycho-sexual show that cost Lace its funding)
Psychic TV- Genisis P'Orridge Interview '99 ( 2 tapes)
Psychic TV- Live at Healter Skelter LA '89
Psychic TV- Psychapedillia
Psychic TV- Thee Mad Doctor Operates (x) (the tape that got them thrown out of England)
"Psychic TV, Gen P'Orridge revives the Process- Seattle"
Psychic TV-Live in Las Vegas
Psycho-Drama- As the Hetrosexuals: Large Beer Drinking Men
Psycho-Drama- 3 and a half hours of something to offend everyone ( 2 tapes)
Psycho-Drama- Live in Hollywood Jan. '91
"Rice, Boyd- Star of Stage, Screen & Television- compilation"
"Rice, Boyd/NON, Kids of Widney High, Goddess Bunny, Penis Flytrap- Vampire Bizarre Oct. '00"
"Riley, Terry- Music With Balls, A Rainbow In Curved Air- Stockholm"
Rocket Boy- Transmutations in Hollywood
"Rosemary's Billygoat, Big Baby, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
"Sanders, Pharoah & James Blood Ulmer-Berghausen Germany 2003"
"Sanders, Pharoah-Arte French doucmentary"
"Sanders, Pharoah-Poznan Poland 5-9-98"
"Sanders, Pharoah-Stuggart 95"
"Sanders, Pharoah-Viersen 1994, Sonny Sharrock-unknowan location and date"
"Sanders,Pharoah-Montreux 78, Lubljana 81, Cologne 88"
"Skrewdriver: Ian Stuart Tribute, Skrewdriver Comp. "
"Sleezstack, Leoplod, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
"Sloppy Titty Freaks, The- Lancaster New Years Eve 07-08, The Trap '08"
Sloppy Titty Freaks: Feb. 2007 Live Cedar Ctr. Lancaster Ca.
"Sloppy Titty Freaks: Live El Dorado Lancaster Ca, CIA N. Hollywood Ca. 2003"
"Sloppy Titty Freaks: Live Paladinos Reseda Ca, CIA N. Hollywood Ca, Cocanut Teaser Hollywood Ca. 2001"
"Sloppy Titty Freaks: Live Reseda Garage Party, Lassen St. Living Room 2002"
SPK-Despair + Post Mortem
Skrewdriver Live St. George Day
"Stooges- Gooselake Pop with Ten Years After, Mountain, Savage Grace, Hare Krishna etc."
Stooges Reunion-Wilturn LA 2008
"Stooges- TV Eye compilation-Danish Documentary, Midsummer Pop '70, Gooselake '70"
"Stooges-Midsummer Rock with Alice Cooper, Grand Funk, Mountain, Traffic '70"
"Stuart, Ian & Stigger- Live Stutgart '92"
Sun Ra- '89 Concert
Sun Ra- All Stars Berlin Concert '83
"Sun Ra- Axis Soho '77, All Stars Berlin '83, Live at 5 NY '87"
Sun Ra- Bottom Line NYC '88
Sun Ra- Bottom Line NYC '92 + Sun Ra & Don Cherry
Sun Ra- Jewish Wedding in NYC '92
Sun Ra- KPFW Concert
Sun Ra- Lugano '85
"Sun Ra- Montreaux '76, Vienna Solo"
"Sun Ra- Mystery, Mr. Ra "
Sun Ra- Oakland '91
Sun Ra- Palamino '88
Sun Ra- Space Is The Place
Sun Ra- Sweet Basil
Sun Ra- Toad's Place '88
"Sun Ra- Warsaw Poland '87, Perspectives '87, Miles Davis- Tokyo '83"
"Sun Ra- Washington DC, misc"
Sun Ra- Wisdom of the Ancients + 6-12-89 Concert
"Sun Ra, Rufus Harley, Odeon Pope Live"
"Taylor, Cecil- Burning Poles"
"Taylor, Cecil- Imagine the Sound"
"Taylor, Cecil- Live in LA '97 vol. 1"
"Taylor, Cecil- Live in LA '97 vol. 2"
"Taylor, Cecil- Live in Munich '84"
"Throbbing Gristle- Goldsmith College, London March '80"
Throbbing Gristle- Guild Hall North Hampton May '79
Throbbing Gristle- Heathen Earth
Throbbing Gristle- Kezar SF 5-29-81 (last show)
Throbbing Gristle- Manchester Dec. '80
Throbbing Gristle- Sheffield College June '80
Tiny Tim- Compilation
Tiny Tim- Compilation vol. 1
Tiny Tim- Compilation vol. 2
Tiny Tim- Compilation vol. 3
"Toilet Boys, Vaginal Davis-Club Sucker"
"Tucker, Moe- Spaceland LA 7-29-95"
Velvet Underground- Psyhiatrist Convnetion + EPI at the Dom '66 + Spanish documentary
Velvet Underground- Curious- Europe '93 Japan comp.
Velvet Underground- EPI Chicago '66 + Chulum-Ron Rice with Angus Mac Lise
Velvet Underground- Paris '90
Velvet Underground- Prague '93
Velvet Underground- Symhony in Sound at the Factory '66 + Moe in Bondage
Velvet Underground- U.K. Documentary
Velvet Underground- Undine Italy '93
Velvet Underground-European Tour Documentary '93
Volumptious Horror of Karen Black- Spaceland LA '97
"Wayne County: Rockpalst 78, Rock Pop 79"
Whitehouse- Try & Be Grateful + Missing Foundation documentary
"Whitehouse-Coum Transmission, Ultra"
"Woodpussy, John Doe's Thing, Vaginal Davis- Club Sucker"
Worst Music of the 70's