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2012 Will You Survive? (3 DVDs)
A Page of Madness: Ippeji- Silent Japanesse Psycho-Drama
A Swingin' Affair
"Abby: dir. William Giraller '74 ""The Worst Blaxplotation of all time""!?"
Abduction by the Grays
Acid Delerio '68 Italian docu.
Adding Machine '69
Aerosol Crimes-Chem Trails docu.
AIDS-Deconstructing the Myth of
"Akerman, Chantel: Shorts- I'm Hungrey, I'm Cold, Saute Ma Ville, Hotel Monterey"
"Akerman, Chantel: Shorts- The Eighties"
Alexander Another Side of Dawn
Alice in Acidland
Alice in Wonderland (X)
"Alice in Wonderland: 1933 with WC Fields as Humpty Dumpty in the most Psychadelic Tea Party since the 60's, 30 years earlier! "
Alien Autopsy Hoax is Revealed
Alien Dream
All I Desire-Sirk
Alternative 3 '77
America Destroyed By Design- Alex Jones docu.
America Under Siege- Stratigy & Tactics of Terrism Terrorism docu.
American Nightmare '83
American Reichstag-Hilder & Gunderson docu.
Americas Occult Holidays
America's Secret Destiney-Epperson docu.
Amphitrion-Reinhold Shulnzel 1935- Nazi Cinema series
An American Family: staring the Loud Family & Lance '73
Anal Trance
"Ancient Conspiracy, The + Mind Control + Opening Pandora's Box docus."
Ancient Peoples of Australia-The Ancinet Ones tell their Story
Angel of Death-Fuck or Die!
Angels Die Hard '70
Angel's Flight 1963 Film Noir-Stripper whos a Slasher shot in LA -lost until now
Angels Hard As They Come '71
Anger Me: Kenneth Anger documentary 2007
"Anger, Kenneth:TCM Interview '01 (2 DVD's)
"Anger, Kenneth: Don't Smoke That Cigarette! '00"
"Anger, Kenneth:Interview-Palm Springs 94, Langlois 1971 documentary"
"Anger, Kenneth-Black Daliah Show at the Museum of Death with John Gilmore; Readings and contest"
"Anger, Kenneth-Disinfo Interview part 1"
"Anger, Kenneth-Disinfo Interview part 2, Disinfo apperance, misc."
"Anger, Kenneth-Haloween 2000 with Sex With Lurch performance"
"Anger, Kenneth-Kenneth Anger's ""CONS"" Art Opening Hollywood 2000"
Anger-Kenneth-Hollywood Babylon U.K. Documentary
"Angry Breed, The: dir. D. Commons '68"
"Annunaki Were Our Gods, The: Ancinet Sumerians created the first civilization with the help of the Gods (3 DVDs)"
Another Part of the Forest
"Anti-Christ Conspiracy, The"
"Ape Woman, The: aka Donna Scimmia dir. Marco Ferrari '63 (English)"
Arise: The Church of the Subgenius
Arkansas Govenors School docu.
Arsenal of Hypocrisy
Aryan Brotherhood-Gangland
Ask Father: Harold Lloyd
Assassination of Heydrich + A Child For Hitler- docus.
"Athey, Ron: 4 Scenes in a Harsh Life"
Atlantis-Dawn of the the Gods docu.
"Atomic! #1A-First Atomic Blast 46, Radiological Fallout 51, Bomb Blast Effects 59, Atoms for Peace, Plowshare 61"
"Atomic! #2B-A is for Atom 53, Be Safe Be Strong 60, About Fallout 55, A Day Called X 55"
"Atomic! #3C-Atomic Tests Trinity thru Busterjane 52, Operation Ivy 52, House in the Middle 54, Operation Dominic 62"
"Atomic! #4D-Self Preservation in an Atomic Attack 50, The Atom Strikes 45, Tale of 2 Cities 46, Atomic Energy as a Force for Good 55"
"Atomic! #5E-Atom Bomb 46, Survival in an Atomic Blast 51, What You Should Know About Biological Warfare 52, Atomic Alert 51"
Atrocity '95 Japan
AUM: An AUM Supreme-Japanese reports from when it happened (in Japanese with no English Titles) ( 4 tapes)
Aus Der Ferne (Mattia's Mother)- dir. Jonas Lottman Denmark '57
Auschwitz: The Truth Behind the Gates-Revisionist docu.
"Avant Garde Film Makers vol. 1-J.P. Carviere (Bunuel's writer) interview; Salvador Dali's Grosplan, Jodorowsky interivew, George Kuchar (Spanish, German, French, English)"
"Avant Garde Film Makers vol.2 Souvineer D'L'Age d'Or; Andre Breton docu.;Hermann Nitsch docu (German, French, Italian)"
"Avant Garde Film Shorts vol. 3: Blonde Cobra- Ken Jacobs & Jack Smith, Nam June Paik x7, Yoko x2, Jacobs-Window"
"Avant Garde Shorts vol. 1-Kuchar, Menkin, Herzog, Jarmush, Van Sant, Smith"
"Avant Shorts vol. 2 2000-Herzog, Roeg, Hartley, Bros. Quay, Cammel, Dennis Hopper interview"
Baby Face Nelson '57
"Bad Karma, Drill Bit"
Bad Seed
"Bad, Black & Beautiful, The "
Bamboo Saucer Foo Fighters vs UFO's!
Bandits In Milan- dir. Carlo Lizzani '68
"Bartlett, Scott: The Psychadelic Cinema of"
Battle of the Mods '66
Beach Ball
Beach Bunnies- dir. Ed Wood Jr.
Beat Expirence
"Beat Generation An American Dream, The"
"Beat Generation, The" The Movie
"Beatnicks, The: dir. Paul Frees '60"
Beatrice Wood Mama of Da-Da
Beauty # 2: dir. Andy Warhol '65
Beauty Queen een-staring Divine
Beethovan's Nephew-dir. Paul Morrisey
Being Different-Freak docu.
"Bell, Jonathan- Does Dallas TV preaching career of the Canadian hairdresser and pedophile turned Dallas Preacher"
Bells From The Deep '93 dir. Werner Herzog
"Beloved Country, Wild Boar: S. Africa docu."
"Bergman, Ingmar: On His Life and Work '76"
"Bewitched: Death, Drugs, & Deception UK docu."
Beyond Good & Evil: dir. L. Cavani '77
Beyond Love & Evil: dir. J. Scandelon '69
Biblical Prophesy in the End Times docu.
"Big Cube, The '69"
Big Fats Lips: dir. Whitney Schaffner '87
"Big Lies 1,2,3"
Bike Boy '67 dir. Andy Warhol
Bikini Girls
Bitter Harvest Duane Clark 1993 A young man's sexually charged tale and descent into abject DEPRAVITY!
"Bizarre Compilation: Experiments in the Revial of Organisms '40 USSR, Gay Niggers From Outer Space '92 Denmark,etc"
Bizarre Early Cartoons featuring Disney porno (x)
Black Alley Cats '74
Black Bag: Stars & Swastikas: UK docu on Calif White Power + Blueprints for Genocide
Black Devil Doll From Hell
Black Eye- blaxplotaton
Black Jack
Black Lizard: written by Mishima 1968
Black Moon: dir. L. Malle '75
Black Out
Black Panthers: Huey Newton's Last Speech
Black Panthers: Public Enemy 1999 French documentary
Black Panthers-Huey Newton Interview
"Black Roses: A sleezey band of hard rockers brings Bloodhed, Riots and Mass Murder to a small town!"
Black Roses: Germany 1936 staring Lilian Harvey
Black Sun The Rape of Nanking
Blackjack: dir. John Evans
Blast of Silence 1946
"Blind and the Dead, The-Texe Marrs Expose of Televangalistis"
Blind Rage
Blindman: dir. F. Boldi '71
Blinky: Jeffrey Vallance's docu on the death of a chicken and its subsequent buriel in a pet cematary buriel in Pet Cemetary
Blond Bombshell-The Diana Dors Story (2 tapes)
Blonde Death:
Blonde in Black Leather
Blood & Belonging: Northern Ireland and Yogoslavia UK docu.
Blood & Lace
Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls
Blood Trance: A Spiritual Confession dir. Beatrice Eggers
Blood Will Flow Like Water
Bloodstained Butterfly
Bloodstalkers: 1978 R W Morgan
Blow Job: dir. Andy Warhol '64 + Loads & Ronnie: dir. Curt Mc Dowell (x)
Blue Movie '69 dir Andy Warhol (X)
Blue Movie: Alberto Cavollone 1978 Italy
Bobby Joe & the Outlaw
Body Butter: A Fat Hag does things to her Bod that you'd rather not see!
Bonnies Kids
Book of Numbers '73
Boom Liz and Richard star in Tennessee Williams Psycho-Sexual Blockbuster
Born To Kill
Boru the Ape Boy 1930
Boss Nigger
Box Balls
Boy Slaves: dir. P.J. Wolfson '39 + Boys Beware 61
Boy Whos Skin Fell Over
Boys In Blue: Police Training Films
Boys of St. Vincnet
"Braun, Eva: Home Movies"
"Brave New World: 1980 Bud Cort, Keir Dullea"
Brave New World: 1998 Leonard Nimoy
"Brian Surgery, Animation, the ABC's of Trainables docus."
"Brig,The-Jonah Mekas 1964"
Brink of Life-Bergman
Brother Minister
Brother Theodore Speaks
Brotherhood of Darkness-Stan Monteith
Brotherhood of the Bell
"Broughton, James: Dreamwood, 3 shorts"
"Brown, Ron: The Death of-Christopher Ruddy with Steve Cogswell"
"Brute, The- dir. Luis Bunuel '52"
BuckThem Pigs-The Larry Davis Show NYC '86
"Bukowski, Charles: Scandanavian Interview, The Ordinary Madness of Bukowski"
Bukowski: Live at Belvue '70
Bukowski-U.K. Documentary
"Bunuel, Life of: UK Docu."
"Burden, Chris: 71-74 Delusions in Modern Privitivism"
"Burning Earth, The dir. Fredrich Murnau"
Burning Man '97 Sleezoid docu on the nudity
"Burning Soil, The: dir. F.W. Murnau '22"
"Burroughs, William S.- Chicago Reading 80's + others"
"Burroughs, William S: Cathy Acker interviews, + Ah Pook is Here"
"Burroughs, William: Destroy All Rational Thought docu. "
"Burroughs, Williams S.- U.K. Documentary"
Bury Me An Angel
"Bus Is Coming, The"
Buster & Billie
CafÈ Flesh: dir. Rinse Dream '82 (x)
Caligula's Perversions
Caligula's Slaves
"Cammel, Donald: Documentary"
Can Chrisitianity Embrace an ET Reality-Heiser
Can Heiranomous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe & Find True Happiness- dir. Antony Newley '69 As pretensous as it's title is long!
Candy Goes Hollywood- dir. Gail Palmer '79 staring Wendy O. Williams (x)
Candy Tangerine Man
Cannibal Girls
"Capitalist Conspiracy, The docu."
"Car Commercials, Classic 50s and 60s"
Carne '91 (short)
Castle of Creeping Flesh: 1968 A. Hoven Germany
"Celine, Ferdinand-French Documentary (French-German), Mishima-U.K. Documentary (in German)"
Cemetary without Crosses
"Century of Self, The- ( 2 DVDs)"
Chafed Elbows: dir. Robert Downey '65
Che!: R. Fleisher 1969
"Cheaters, The (X)"
Checkmate: The Human Touch '60 staring Peter Lorre
Chelsea Girls: dir. Andy Warhol '66 ( 2 tapes)
Chelsea Headhunters: MacIntyre Undercover
Chelsea Hotel: UK docu.
Chemtrails Cover the Skies
"Chicken Hawk, Different Strokes-The Bicycle Man"
"Child & The Saw, The (short)"
Child Brian Surgery: docu.
"Child Psychology: Angry Boy 1950, Towards Emotional Maturity 54, Face of Youth 50s, Facing Reality 54"
China Is Near '67
Chips goes Punk!
"Chiu,Alex: Inventor of Magnets that cure every diesease and a lot more- Interview in SF in 2002"
"Chomsky, Noam- Conversations with History Berkeley Mar. 22 2002"
"Chomsky, Noam- Debate with William F. Buckley"
"Chomsky, Noam- The Iraq War Apr. 5 2003"
"Chomsky, Noam-Discusses Deception with R.Trivers"
"Chomsky, Noam-Rebel without a Pause"
"Chosing A Spouse: This Love? 57, Are You Ready For Marriage 50, How Do You Know Its Love? 50, Chossing Happiness 50, etc"
Christ A Demon In New Spain: Herzog
CIA & Drug Running-Mike Ruppert
Ciao Federico!: '70 docu.
Cinema du Notre Temps: Le Dinosaure et le Bebe- Dialogue of Fritz Lang & Jean Luc Goddard (in English) '67 dir. Andre Labarthe
Cinema of Transgression comp.
Circus of Mystery: docu of the performance
Circus-Ringling Brothers 1928-1931 Home Movies
"Circus-Russell Brothers 1942 , Clyde Beatty Circus 1946 Home Movies"
Citizen Tania: 1989 Raymound Pettibone
City Girl '30 dir. Fredrich Murnau
"Classroom Au Go-Go/ A Parents Guide To LSD, Tips For Teens etc."
"Clinton Chronicles, The New" docu.
"Clinton Conspiracy, The: Mena Cover Up" docu.
"Clinton Conspiracy, the: UK docu. + George Bush Skull & Bones Conspiracy"
Cobra Woman '44 dir. Richard Sidomak
"Cockettes- Elevator Girls In Bondage '72, Trishi's Wedding '71, Tree, You Sap"
Cointel Pro: The FBIs War on Black America!
"Coleman, Joe: Interview ( 2 tapes)"
"Coleman, Joe: LA art Show Opening"
Color Me Lavender
Color Me Lurid- dir. George Kuchar compilation of shorts
Columbine 1999
Columbine Survalance Tapes ( 2 tapes)
Columbine- The Final Report
"Commercials, Kids 50's, 60's, 70's"
"Commies & Capitalists-Cartoons: What Makes Us Tick 42, Why Play Leap Frog 49, Make Mine Freedom 48, etc"
Commisoner of Sewers-William S. Burroughs
Commune docu by Berman
Concentration Camps In America-Tex Marrs docu.
Coney Isalnd of Lawrence Ferllinghetti
Coney Island Expositions and World Trade 39-52
Confessions of Winifred Wagner : dir H.J. Syberberg '75 ( 2 tapes) ( in German with no English subtitles)
"Conner, Bruce: Short Films- A Film By Bruce Conner, Permian Strata 1969, Mongoloid '77, America Is Waiting, A Movie '58, Breakaway, Vivian, The White Rose, ++"
"Conrad, Tony: Burned, Disorderly, Redressing"
"Conrad, Tony: Film Compilation vol. 2: Cycles of 3,s & 7,s, Redressing Down, That Faraway Look, Poetics of TV, In Line"
"Conrad, Tony: Studio of the Streets"
"Conspiracies- AIDS, Flouride, Gulf War, Genetics, Iran Contra UK docu." way etc.
Conspiracy of Heresy (2 DVDs)
Conspiracy of Silence: Boys from Boystown USA used as Butt Boys & Drug Runners by Leading Politicans!
Conspirators of Pleasure: Svankmajer
Constitutional Right: C. Miller docu.
Cool Breeze
Cool Devices: XXX Animie ( 5 tapes)
"Cool Ones, The"
"Cooper, William- Exposes Top Secret ( 2 tapes)" docu.
"Corrupt Ones, The: James Hill 1967 One Man's (Robert Stack) fight against a Conspiracy of EVIL-staring Elke Summer."
Corrupt staring Johnny Rotten
Corruption of the Damned!-George Kuchar
Cover Up: Behind the Iran Contra Affair '88 docu.
Crack Kiss '90 dir. Jean Louis Costes (X)
Crazy Love '87 -Love is A Dog From Hell Charles Bukowski Belgium
"Creamaster vols 1,2,3,4,5"
"Crime In The Streets: John Cassavetes, James Whitmore '56"
Crimson Kimona dir. Sam Fuller
"Crisis Creation, The" docu.
"Cronenberg, David: Compilation " 1
"Cronenberg, David: Compilation 2"
Cronenberg: Long Live the New Flesh docu.
"Crowley, Aleister: The Other Loch Ness Monster"
"Crowley, Aleister: The Wickedest Man in the World"
"Crumb, Robert: Confessions of + Robert Williams Interview" docus.
Crusader Rabbitt comp.
Crying Demons: A.A. Allen performs actual exorcisms in the '50's ( 2 tapes) removing hideous demons from out of innocent Christians!!!
"Cube, The"
Cul De Sac-dir. Roman Polanski
Cult Explosion: Christian expose
"Cult Sex, Cult Murder vol. 1 Children of God, Rajneesh, Hare Krishna"
"Cult Sex, Cult Murder vol. 2: Children of God, Terry Hoffman, Charles Mead, Rainbow Festival"
"Cut Throats, The- dir. John Hayes '69 "
Cynthia The Devil's Doll
D.W.I. Texas Style Super Drunks as only Texas can produce (4 tapes)
Daddy-O 1958 dubbed into Spanish
"Dahl-Wolfe, Louise docu. 96"
"Dahmer, Jeffrey-Confessions of"
"Dahmer, Jeffrey-Interviews"
Dali compilation
"Dali, Salvador: Dali Etre Dieu- Spanish Documentary in Spanish only"
"Dali, Salvador: Dali Matografo-Dali and the Cinema-Spanish documentary in Spanish only"
Dallas TV Evangalists & Cults: The Children of God now and so much more
Dance Craze: dir. Joe Massot '82 UK Ska
Dancing Outlaw-The Complete- 2 docus on Jesco White
Dancing With the Devil: UK docu. On the Satanic Evils of Rock Music + Spiritual Warfare with Bob Larsen
Dark Days: Life in the New York Subway Tunnels
Dark Glow of the Mountains: Herzog 1984
Darktown Strutters
"Dating: Senior Prom 46, Dating Dos and Donts 49, Going Steady 51, Candy Goes to A Party 51, Are You Popular 47, etc"
Daughter of Death '82 Germany
Daughter of Deciet-Luis Bunuel 1951 in Spanish only
David Duke & the KKK + White Terror- docus.
"Davis, Vaginal: Fertile La Toya Jackson Video Magazine 1 & 2"
Day Of Freedom dir. L. Riefenstahl + Of Pure Blood- docu.
Dealing or the Berkeley to Boston 40 Brick Blues
Death Drug
Death In Small Doses
Death In The Garden-Luis Bunuel
Death Rides A Pale Horse: Dr. Alim Muhammad 8-16-92
Death Scenes vol. 1: 40's homicide scrapbook narreted by Anton La Vey
Death Scenes vol. 2: The only complelty real docu. Of Death footage including the Tate Murder and Bud Dwyer
Death Scenes vol. 3: Death and then some
Death the Ultimate Horror docu.
Death To America: 9 year old UK docu. On Osima Bin Laden
Death Tripping: Is the Devil Dead UK docu.
"Debachers, The (X)"
Deception of a Generation: Revealed at last-Scooby Doo is the Anti-Christ!
"Delicate Art of the Rifle, The- dir. Dante Harper '96"
Demon Apocalypse Japanimation
"Desert Storm, Hidden Wars of: docu. By A. Brohy & G. Ungerman"
"Devil Inside Her, The (X)"
Devil's Due
Devil's Ecstacy
Devil's Joint: '69 docu. On Killer Weed
"Diabolical Mr, Franco, The -U.K. Docu."
"Dick, Philip K.-U.K. Documentary"
Die Hamber Kraukheit-dir. Peter Fleishman
Disco Beaver From Outer Space
"Disinfo U.K. Compilation: Montauk Project, Y2K, Leary, MP3, Joe Coleman, R.A. Wilson, H. Blum, Dreamachine, P. Laffley, Mc Donals, Uncle Goddamn, P'Orridge"
Divination of the Goddess Tradition-Michael Tsailion (3 parts)
Divine in Performance comp.
Divine Waters docu.
"Divine/John Waters comp. with Night Flight, Hairspray profile, Way USA, Letterman, Waters TV sp. '91"
Divine: TV docu. '99
"Dixon, Wheeler Winston: 68-74 18 shorts, Peter Rose-The Man Who Could Not See Far Enough 81. "
"DIY or Die! Staring Lydia Lunch, Jim Rose"
Dom Kollar Os Mods
"Don Quintin el Amargao, La Hija Del Engano-Bunuel 1951 "
Don Quixote with Orson Wells
Doomsday: docu. On Death & Destruction
Dorothies Revenge
Dr. Crippen: dir. R. Lynn '62 based on the 1910 English Serial Killer
"Dreamachine Exhibition at Cabaret Voltaire, Aes-Nihil presents-May 2008"
"Drift, The '89 dir. Aes-Nihil"
"Drivers Ed 1930s Style: We Drivers 36, Turnabout Man 53, Safest Place 35, Other Fellow 37, And Then There Were 4, etc. "
"Drug Addiction- 1951, Drug Abuse 69, Day in the Death of Donny 69, Drugs in Our Culture 70"
"Drugs, Government Officals & the CIA- B. Fletcher" docu.
"Drum: dir. S. Grver, B. Kennedy '76 ""Shameless exploitation"""
"Duchamp, Marcel: docu."
Duke of Earl
"Duke, David- on the Donahue Show 1992"
"Duke, David: Flanders Speech"
"Duke, David: Iran & the Holocaust"
Dusty and Sweets MCGee:
"Dybbuk, The: dir. M. Woszynski ( Polish/Yiddish English titles) '37 "
"Earth First!, +, Cpt. Ozone"
Ebonics and Nationalism!
Ed Gein: Chuck Parello 2001 Steve Railsbacks journey from Charles Manson to Ed Gein
Eisenstein: 1958 Russian Documentary
"Ellison, Harlan-Compilation"
"Emerging Viruses-AIDS, Ebola, Vaccinations" docu.
Emperor Tomatoe Ketchup
Energy Non Crisis-Lindsey Williams Mexico Conference (2 parts)
Erotic Art of Pain/Painless Steel & Tattoo Expo-Weird America
Erotic Art of Pain/Penetration I docu.
Erotic Art of Pain/Piercing Au Go-Go vol. 4 docu.
Erotic Art of Pain: Painless Steel 3
"Escaping Satan's Web: ""Then I walked into their bedroom, and I shot them both in the head-I had sold my soul to the DEVIL!"""
ET The Vagina!
"Eternal Jew, The '40 dir. F. Hippler"
Every Young Mans Battle
Evil Confronting Evil + Nazi Science + The Swastika & The Star of David- docus.
"Experemental Authors-Ballard, Celine, Selby, Leary, Kesey, Warhol" docu.
"Experimental Cinema: Nam June Paik-Aachen, TV Workshop 6 shorts, Peter Moore-Stockhausen, Ken Jacobs-Perfect Film, Window"
"Experiments in the Revival of Organisms '40 USSR,Gay Niggers From Outer Space '92 Denamrk"
Exposing The Illuminati From Within ( 2 tapes) docu.
Exposing the One World Government: B. Fletcher docu.
Eyes Beyond Seeing
Faces of the Enemy docu.
Fahrman Maria: Frank Wisbur 1936 Nazi Cinema series
Faithful Freaks
"Fanck, Dr. Arnold: Wer War Arnold Fanck dir. Hans-Jurgen Pantiz docu."
"Far Out-The Forbidden Path-Sex, Drugs & Nirvana UK Docu."
Farewell Uncle Tom-Director's Cut
"Farouk, King: docu."
Farrakhan on the Iraq War
Farrakhan: Are Black People the New World Leaders
Farrakhan: Chicago '91 Speech
Farrakhan: Chicago Tonight + Hon. Elijah Muhammad interview
Farrakhan: Cook Co.
Farrakhan: Exposing the X-Mas Myth
Farrakhan: Gang Summit
Farrakhan: How the Jews Planned the Rising Assault on Black Leadership ( 2 tapes)
"Farrakhan: Interviews-Nightline, Donahue, etc. + Nation of Islam Update"
Farrakhan: L.A '87 Speech
Farrakhan: M.O.V.E.'s Story '85
Farrakhan: Malcom X the Movie '92
"Farrakhan: Mother's Day, Stop the Killing"
Farrakhan: Satan & Mastering the Sexual Urge
Farrakhan: The Final Warning Jan. 14-91 DC
Farrakhan: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad & Malcom X- 28 Years Later '93
"Farrakhan: The Problem of Suicide, The Cause of Homosexuality"
Farrakhan: The Sin of Child Molestation
Farrakhan: The Triumph of the Will 1-18-87
"Farrakhan: War Time- Mind Against Satan Dec. 27, 87"
"Fassbinder, Rainrer Werner: Shorts- The City Tramp '65, The Little Chaos '67, The Niklashauser Journey '70"
Fatal Confinment-Joan Crawford
Fear & Desire '53 dir. Stanley Kubrick
Fear Is The Master docu.
Federal Reserve Fraud-The Banks are Robbing America-Bill Still expose
Federal Reserve-Fiat Empire + Masters of War
Felleni's Cassanova '76
Female Jungle '56 staring Jayne Mansfield
Festival '67 Newport Folk Festival with Mel Lyman
Fiat Lux!: German doumentary on Religious Weirdness (no English titles)
Fight For Your Life
Film Flubs vol. 1
Film Flubs vol. 2
"Films Est Deja Commence, Le: dir. M. Lemaitre '51"
Final Come Down
"Final Sideshow, Ward Halls: docu. "
Finishing School
First Strike
"Fix, The"
Flamining Creatures: dir. Jack Smith
"Flannigan, Bob: XXX Tripping docu."
"Flavor of Corn, the"
"Flicker, The- Tony Conrad + The Straight & Narrow"
Fluxus Film Anthology: '66-'70 (160 Min.)
"Flying Saucer Mystery, The: 1950 documentary on UFO's"
Flying Saucers: John Lear
For Those Who Think Young
"Forbidden Book, The"
Forbidden Knowledge
Forbidden Zone '80
"Ford, John: Sex Hygine WW2"
Foreign Troops On US Soil-D. Smith docu.
"Former Miss Barstow, The: Play Staring Glen Meadmore, Vaginal Davis, Brian Doyle Murray"
Forty Deuce: dir. Paul Morrisey '82
"Foster, Vince-The Death of"
Four Nights of A Dreamer '71 dir. Robert Bresson
Four Scenes in a Life dir. Ron Athey
Fox Theatre SF: The Fabulous Fox docu. + Hollywood Celeb Hangouts
"Franklin, Joseph Paul- Race-Hate-Murder docu. "
Freak Orlando- Ottinger '81
Freak Show 1995
Freak Show on Venice Beach
Freaks Uncensored: Freak Show docu.
Free Energy & Anti-Gravity: S. Deyo docu.
Free Grass '69
Free Masonry-The Signs & Signals + The Secret docus.
Freemasonic Control of the Church
Freeway Suicide 4-30-98
"Fried Shoes, Cooked Diamonds: William Burroughs, Tim Leary"
Fugative Girls
Full Force Frank
"Fuller, Sam-Interview UFI Raw Footage"
"Gang Bangin'Fo' Life parts 1,2 (2 DVDs)"
"Gang of Souls-William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg etal"
Gangsta Rap-Louis Theroux
Gathering of the Tribes + The Raelians docus.
Gay Agenda docu.
Gay Conversion?!
Geek Maggot Bingo: Nick Zedd
Generation Dead
Gestapo's Last Orgy aka Ultima Orgia del iii Reich aka Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler '76
"Gilmore, John: Reading at Amok"
"Ginsberg, Allen: UK Interview "
"Ginsberg, Allen: Requim UK"
Girls Bite Back
Gladiator Days-Prison Violence
Global Goverance docu
Global Mind Control
God Hates Fags docu.
God's Angry Man- dir. Warner Herzog '80
Gods of Times Square
"Goebbels, Joseph Dr.- The Diaries docu."
Gong Show Movie: dir. Robert Downey
"Gonks Go Beat: Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, John McLaughlin, Graham Bond 1965"
Good & Vital Work (short)
Goodbye My Fancy: dir. K. Sherman '51 staring Joan Crawford
Gospel Road '73 staring Johnny Cash
Graduation Annual: Japanese with English Titles
Great Conductors of the third Reich docu.
Great Satan At Large: 2 episodes + news coverage of this notorious public access show
"Greenaway, Peter: Shorts- Les Morts de la Seine, Vertical Features Remake, Intervals, Windows, H is for House, Zanrda Rhodes, Coastline"
"Greenaway, Peter-Docu. + Awalk Thru Prosperio's Library" cu. A Walk Thru Prosperio's Library
"Griggs, Kay--Reveals ALL! (4 DVDs)"
Grim Reaper: dir. The Ormonds '76
Grind Over Europe
Guinea Men (short)
Guinea Pig-Lucky Sky Diamond
Gums: X rated take off on Jaws (x)
Guyana: Crime of the Century
Guys and Dolls + Chjinese Face Tumor Man
"Halloween Satanic TV Shows: Larry King, Karla La Vey on Joan Rivers, Er Warren-Demonalogist, Henry Lee Lucas, Sean Sellers-Satanic Killer"
Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind: dir. J. Marins '78
Haloween '97: The Museum of Mental Decay in Hollywood USA with Woodpussy and Charlie Mansons
Haloween Trick Or Treat: Christian Expose on this day of Evil
"Haloween, TBN Expose on this Evil Holiday, Johanna Michaelson-leading anit-Satanist, Satanic Breeders with Jerry Johnston"
Hank 111/Joe Coleman Art Tour and Show
Hard On The Trail '69
"Hard Road, The '70"
Harry Potter A Spirit Conspiracy-Joe Schimmel
Harry's War
Hated Family-Louis Theroux
Hatemongers!-The Rivera Show
"Haunted Mansion, The- Disneyland"
Heaven & Earth Magic- dir. Harry Smith '62
Heavens Gate: Beyond Human
Heaven's Gate: Culticide in California
"Heaven's Gate: Initation- In close up Doe implores the Human all too Humans ""Drop your containers Today!"""
Heaven's Gate: Inside
Heaven's Gate: The Day After-Groking in all fullness with the survivors or perhaps the failures + Home Movies of the Cult in action
Heaven's Gate: Tribute Performance + a visit to the Site 3 days after
"Heidegger, Martin-German Documentary (in German)"
"Heilige Berg, Der: dir Fanch with Leni Riefenstahl '26 + The White Flame '26 (English sub titles)"
Hell Born-Sinister Urge dir. Ed Wood
"Hellcats, The: 5 Biker Beauties slugging, scratching and clawing their way throuhg life in the Fast Lane!"
Hells Angels Forever
Hell's Bells: Christian Anti Rock docu. ( 2 tapes)
Here Comes Hot Head
Heroin-Black Tar UK docu.+ The Junkies of SF
"Herz der Konign, Das: Carl Froelich 1940 Nazi Cinema series"
"Herzog Shorts vol. 1- How Much Wood, La Soufrice"
"Herzog Shorts vol. 3- Last Words '67, Measures Against Fanatics '69, The Unprecendented Defence of the Fortress Deutschkreuz ' 67"
"Herzog Shorts-Vol 2-Great Ecstacy, Flying Doctors"
"Herzog, Warner-I Am My Films documentary"
"Hicks, Bill: Chicago, Improve, Comedy Store"
Hideen Agenda: Free Masonry- Walter Veith
High School: dir. Wiesman '69
Highway to Hell
"Hillside Strangler, The Case of the: dir. S. Guthers staring Richard Crenna, Billy Zane"
History of A Blue Movie with Roman Polanski
History of Christianity-Phil Valentine
History of Christianity-Phil Valentine
"History of WAR, The- vols. 1,2,3 ( 3 Tapes)"
Hitchcock: It's Only Another Movie UK docu.
Hitler & the Occult docu.
Hitler Eine Bilanz '95 German doc. (no English titles) ( 3 tapes)
Hitler Jugen Quex '33 dir. H. Steinhoff
Hitler Youth: 2000 Documentary
"Hitler, A Film From Germany: dir H.J. Syberberg '77 ( 4 tapes) ( in German with English sub titles)"
"Hitler, Adolph- The Body of docu. "
"Hitler, the Body Thereof docu."
Hitler's Children: dir. E. Dmytryk '43
Hitler's Flying Saucers: The New Technology developed by the Third Reich for Anti Gravity devices (2 tapes)
Hitler's Madman- Sirk '43
Hitler's Secret P-2 Flying Saucers Project-Scarzo
Hoglands Mars: ( 2 tapes) docus.
Hollywood Sex: UK docu.
Hollywood Unmasked: Jason Kovar
"Holmes, John: Docu.TV"
Holocaust documentary by Alfred Hitchcock
Holocaust-Merchants of the Myth-Holocaust Denial from Iran + Haredi Jews Against Israel
Holy Ghost People docu.
Home Sweet Home
Homeland Security Exposed
"Homo-Sexuality, the Effects Thereof-Phil Valentine"
"Homosexuals: 60's docu, The Maze, The Story of Will Kurelak docus."
Honeysuckle Divine: X Rated Performance Artist whom you Don't want to see but will.
Hot Car Girl
Hot Cars
Hot Love- Jorg Buttgereit
"Hot Rods: Road Runners 52, Motorama 56, Cool Hot Rod 53, American Sopa Box Derby 31, etc."
Hot Summer in the City
"Hot Water, + Harold Lloyd Shorts '24"
Houdini The genisus of Escape docu.
House of Bamboo dir. Sam Fuller
"House of Black Death: 1965 Lon Chaney, John Carradine"
House of De Sade (X)
How Tasty Are The White Folks: aka Come Sono Buoni I Bianchi dir. Marco Ferrari '87 (in French/Italian titles)
How The Federal Reserve Rons Us Blind ( 3 tapes) erve Robs Us Blind 2 tapes docus.
Huie's Sermon- Herzog 1980
"Human Remains: dir. Jay Rosenblatt '98 amazing docu. On Franco, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao"
"Hunter, The 1952"
Hustler White staring Glen Meadmore
"Hygiene & Health: Excersie & Health 49, How To Be Well Groomed 45, The Snob 58, Habit Patterns 54, Bpdy Care & Grooming 48. etc."
"Hygiene: Good Health Practacies 1928 & 53, Mr. Finleys Feelings 56, Personal Hygine 50, Care of Skin 49, "
I Am Not A Freak
I Love Snuff: Jean Louis Costes
"I, A Man '67 dir. Andy Warhol"
Ice: dir Robert Kramer '69 Underground revolutionary group kicks ass
Ich Bin Elefant Madame-I Am An Elephant '69 dir. Peter Zedlick
"Icke, David: Compilation vol. 1"
"Icke, David: Compilation vol. 2"
"Icke, David: The Biggest Secret An Expose of the Illuminati"
"Icke, David-Freedom Road (2 DVDs)"
"Icke, David-Live at Mt. Shasta (2 DVDs)"
"Icke, David-Revelations of the Mother Goddess"
"Icke, David-Robot Rebellion"
"Icke, David-Secrets of the Matrix (2 DVDs)"
"Icke, David-Was He Right?, 9/11 Press For Truth, UFO's in the Bible, UFO Cults"
Icy Breasts
If Footman Tires What Will Horsemen Do?-'71 did. Ron Ormond
If He Hollers Let Him Go: aka Dead Right 1968 Chester Himes
If-Lindsay Anderson
"Illegal Alien Invasion, The"
"Illiminati, The: Secret Scoities, Skull & Bones & the Global Elite"
Illuminati Survival Colonies docu.
"Illuminati vols 1,2 (2DVDs)"
"Illuminati, 13 Bloodlines of the"
"Illuminati, World System of the (2 DVDs)"
Ilsa Tigress of Siberia
Immenent Military Take Over of America- Ammerman docu.
"Imp, The- (Japanese with English sub titles)"
In Satan's Name: UK docu with Boyd Rice + Exposing Satan's Web docus.
"In Search of Revival vol. 1: Satan, Haunted Pantations, Doomsday Virus, Psychic Spies"
"In Search of Revival vol. 2: Ghost Lovers, Excorsit, Robot Armageddon, Haunted Campus"
"In Search of Revival vol. 3: Faith Healers, Real Frankenstein, Shroud of Turin, Alien Ancestors"
"In Search of Revival vol. 4: Witchcraft, Maneaters, Alien Menance, Ghostly Hitchhikers"
"In Search of Revival vol. 5: Hell, Vampires, Tesla Death Ray, Lake Monsters"
"In Search of Revival vol. 6: Ghosts in Mackays Bar, Stigmata, Haunted Hornet, Zombies"
"In Search of vol 12:Jack the Ripper, Jim Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Rockefeller, Coming Ice Age, Cyrogenics, Psychics & Airlines, ESP Police"
"In Search of vol. 1: Ghost Ship, Yeti, Amityville, Mummys Curse, Ghostly Stakeout, Swamp Monster, Salem Witches, Moon Madness"
"In Search of vol. 10:Loch Ness, Immortal Sharks, Aztec Conquest, Bermuda Triangle Pirates, King Solomans Mines, Lost Dutchman Mine, Martians, Ancient Aviators"
"In Search of vol. 11:Tower of London, Lindberg Kidnapping, DB Cooper, Jimmy Hoffa, Pompeii, Bimini Wall Atlantis, Van Gough, Bishop Pike"
"In Search of vol. 2: Haunted Castles, Ghosts in Photography, Bigfoot, Dracula, Diamond Curse, Incan Murder, Elephant Man, Ogopogo Monster"
"In Search of vol. 3: King Tut, Pyramid Secrets, Wild Boy, Indain Astronomers, Missing Heiress, MIAs, Jesse James, Butch Casidy"
"In Search of vol. 4: Killer Bees, Deadly Ants, San Andreas Fault, Siberian Fireball, Holy Grail, 10 Commandments, Titanic, Louisitania"
"In Search of vol. 5: Missing Link, Sherlock Holmes, End of the World, Noahs Flood, Aussie UFOs, Earth Visitors, Easter Island, Roanoke Colony"
"In Search of vol. 6: Atlantis, Troy, St Germain, Immortality, Stonehenge, Dark Star, Lincoln Assasination, Lee Harney Oswald"
"In Search of vol. 7: Life After Death, Fountain of Youth, Eva Braun, Anastasia, Amelia Eirhart, Glenn Miller, Wall of China, Mexican Pyramids"
"In Search of vol. 8: Shroud of Turin, John the Baptist, Lost Vikings, Chinese Explorers, UFOs, UFO Cover Ups, Castle of Secrets, Hiroshima Survivors"
"In Search of vol. 9: Hindenberg, Psychic Sea Hunt, Strange Visitors, Bermud Triangle, Houdini, Angel of Death, Marlyn Monroe"
"In The Name of Satan: Bob Larsen on Mc Martin, Satanic Crimes, Black Metal Music and His Slayer Tour + The Lucifer Connection docus."
In the Presence of a Clown: Ingmar Bergman 1997
"Incrediably Strange Film Show, The Son of: Fred Olen Ray, Doris Wishman, Jackie Chan, Sam Raimi"
"Incrediably Strange Films: Ed Wood Jr., Stuart Gordon, George Ramero"
"Incrediably Strange Films: T.V. Mikels, Russ Myers, Hershall Gordon Lewis"
"Indian Tomb, The: dir. R. Eichberg '38"
Inner & Outer Space: dir. Andy Warhol '65
"Insiders '74 dir.Lee Frost,Wes Bishop"
"International Festival of Poets: Rome 1980 with Allan Ginsberg "" proof that the Hippies should have been killed"""
Intrepidoos Punks
Invasion & Betrayal: Above Top Secret (2 tapes) docu.
"Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, Brian Damage-Ira Cohen"
"Invisable Boy, The"
Inyah the Jungle Goddess
"Islam, Whos Afraid of"
Islamci Nubian Hebrews: vol. 3
"Islamic Extremist Agenda, Exposed!"
"Islamic Nubian Hebrews: ""A lof of you Faggots is gonna die!"""
Islamic Nubian Hebrews: Dr York-Truth and Truth
Islamic Nubian Hebrews: Elokim
Islamic Nubian Hebrews-Dr. York: The Laws of God and Man
Islamic Propaganda Media-Jihad TV
"It's A Mod, Mod World"
Jack the Ripper: 1959 British
"Jackson, Michael: Cpt Eo, Ghosts Interview"
"Jackson, Michael: The Conspiracy"
Jag Mandir '91 dir. Werner Herzog
"Jaggers, Dr. O.L.: Miss Velma's consort in 3 out there sermons"
James Long Holocaust: Ultra White Trash New Years '92-'93
"Jarman, Derek: Glitterbug"
"Jarman, Derek: In the Shadow of the Sun"
"Jarman, Derek: Pirate Tape"
"Jarman, Derek: Psychik Rally in Heaven"
"Jazz Age Cartoons: Ill Be Glad When Your Dead 32, Minnie the Moocher 32, Something For Nothing 40, Breakfast Pals 39, etc."
Je T'aime Moinen Plus '76
Jello Biafra-Live at Warsaw NY
JFK- The Bush Conection
Jim Crow-the Rise and Fall thereof
Jimmie Boy Wonder
Jive & More Jive: Steppin Fetchit and other politically incorrect and reviled Black Sterotypes compiled from 16mm film
Jive Turkey: aka Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes-1974
"Jodorowsky, Alejandro-Interviews"
"Jodorowsky, Alexandro: Negro Sobre Blanco- Interview (in Spanish only)"
John Birch Society- An Overview of the World
Jonathan '70
"Jones, Alex, Dan Stanhope-Austin Texas 2004"
"Jones, Alex-Remixed"
Jonestown-Raw Footage
Jud Suss '40 dir. W. Harlan
"Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson, The vols. 1-7 Extremly whacked out public TV show with Black Puppet"
"Juvenile Delinquency-As the Twig is Bent 43, Why Vandalism? 55, What About JD 55, Boy with a Knife 56, Ask Me, Donít Tell Me! 61"
Kamakazie Hearts
Karen Carpenter Superstar
Karl May: dir. H. J. Syberberg '74 (187 mins.) (in German with no English sub titles)
Keiko Mask In Love
"Kennedy, John F. Jr: The Assassination of JFK Jr. "
Kerouac-U.K. Documentary
Kids & the Occult docu.
"Kids Beware!- Boys Beware, Girls Beware, The Strange Ones, Donít Talk to Strangers, Dangerous Strangers, 50-72"
"Killer Cults-Blinded by the Light, Men Who Became Gods, Soldiers of the Apocalypse"
Killer Likes Candy: 1968 Chentrens & Cloche
Killer Snakes
"Killing Floor, the- blaxplotation"
Killing of America '82 Violence USA docu.
King Solomans Mine
"Kingdom, The Part 2 (2 tapes) the unreleased half."
Kiss: dir. Andy Warhol '63
"Knights Templars, The: UK Documentary"
"Komabrutace Duell, Das"
"Konig Vom Mont Blanc, Der: dir. Fanck with Leni Riefenstahl '43 ( in German with no English subtitles)"
Krisnemerti: Documentary
"Kuafman, Andy-Carnige Hall"
"Kubrick, Stanley- Shorts- Day of the Fight' 51, Flying Padre '51, Seafarers '53"
"Kuchar, George: Shorts- Chili Line Stops Here, Cellar Sinema, Domain of Pixel Pixie"
"Kuchar, George: Shorts- Eclipse of the Sun Virgin 67, Pagan Rhapsody 70, Wild Night in El Reno 77, Cattle Mutilations
"Kuchar, George-Aes-Nihil Interview, Goddess Bunny Performance"
La Rouche comp.
Ladies & Gentlemen-The Fabulose Stains
Lady Cocoa
Last Man on Planet Earth: 1999 L. Landan
Last Night at the Alamo: 1984
"Last Step Down, Spread It Around"
Last Summer
Latitude Zero: Hidden Underwater Civilizations
Le Films Est Deja Commence
Leary vs Liddy docu.
"Leary, Tim: The Enthusiastic Death of, How to Operate Your Brain"
"Leary, Tim: The Man Who Turned on America, LSD Science & Experience"
"Leary, Timothy: Last Trip"
"Leary, Timothy: Virtual Reality '92"
Legendary Panty Mask: Japanese ( English titles)
Legendary Theatre Organists
Let It Rock-Roland Klick staring Dennis Hopper 1988 aka White Star- A searing expose o fthe dark side of success in the world of Rock 'n Roll
Let's Get Lost: Chet Baker
"Leviathan In Space: Texe Marrs-Did we really go to the Moon? Dinosaurs on the Moon!, Satan comes from Outer Space!"
"Life of Juanita Castro, The: dir. Andy Warhol '65"
Like It Is aka Psychadelic Fever '68
Lili Marlene '81 dir. R.W. Fassbinder
Linda Lovelace For President '76
"Lion of Judah, The docu. "
Living Venus- H.G. Lewis
"London Nobody Knows, The"
Lonesome Cowboys '68 dir. Andy Warhol
Long Live The New Flesh-David Cronenberg '86 docu.
Loose Change 2nd Edition: Blows the lid of 9-1-1
"Lord Buckley on Film 2, Jazzbo Collins, Beaney & Cecil with Groucho"
"Lord Buckley: On Film- Beaney & Cecil, Groucho, misc. "
"Losers, The"
"Loud, Lance: A Death in An American Family"
Love Camp '76 dir. Jess Franco
Love Ins '67
Love Letters To A Portageuse Nun '77 dir. Jess Franco
"Lovely Sort of Death, A"
LSD Crisis-How to go out of Your Mind!
LSD Everyman- UK Docu.
LSD- Hoffmans Potion
LSD Inferno-Hell For A Few Dollars More
"LSD-25 + Grass with Sonny Bono, Groovin' with Robert Mitchum & Fun with Speed"
Lucifer 2000- docu.
"Lucifer Principle, The"
Lucifers Children
Lucifer's Children
Ludwig 11: dir. Helmut Kantner '55
Ludwig '57
Ludwig- Requium Fur Einen Jung Frauichen Konig: dir. H. J. Syberberg '72 (in German with no English sub titles)
Luwig's Cook: dir. H. J. Syberberg '72 (in German with no English sub titles)
"Lynch, David: Don't Look At Me- dir. Guy Girard '89 French docu."
M.O.V.E.- The Bombing of West Philly-Nation of Islam Report
"Ma Barker Story, The '03 dir. Aes-Nihil"
Madame Chao
Madame Doctor '36 dir. Pabst France
Madame Wang's: dir. Paul Morrisey '81
Magda: George Kuchar
"Magic Garden of Stanley Sweatheart, The"
"Magic Land of Mother Goose, The"
"Magician, The: W. Somerset Maughm story based on Crowley (German Titles)"
Magick: UK docu.
Maitreya-World Savior or Anti-Christ!?
Malcom X: Berkeley Speech '63
Malcom X: Docu. On the Death of
Malcom X: Panel Discusion in colour
Malcom X: Prince of Isalm docu.
Malcom X; Debate '63 + Tony Brown's Journal
Malcom X; News Film Archieve + '64 M. Wallace interview
Man & Steel: Male Piercing docu. (x)
Man Ray: Experimental Films France 1923-1929
"Man Who Ate His Lover, The"
"Manners: Good Table Manners 51, As Others See Us 53, Socail Courtesy 51, Johnny Learns His Manners 46, etc. "
Mannesmann: dir. Walter Ruthman
Manson 1969 vol. 1 $40
Manson 1969 vol. 2 comp. $40
Manson 1981: Snyder Interview
"Manson 1985: Nuell Emmons interview, Manson Vacaville interview, '87 Today Show interview, '87 CNN interview"
Manson 1986 vol. 2: Manson/Rose interview
"Manson 1986: Newsclips, Sadie & Tex parole hearings, series on the Family, the release of Clem, Ma Tate, Squeaky, Bugliosi"
"Manson 1988 vol. 1: Manson/Rivera, Manson/Schreck, Leslie van Houten, Squeaky, Bugliosi"
"Manson 1988 vol. 2: Tate Murder Special, CNN Serial Killers Special, Rivera Murders Special part 1"
Manson 1988 vol. 3: Rivera Murders Special part 2
"Manson 1988 vol. 4: Manson/Rivera Interview complete, un cut, raw, secrelty taped"
Manson 1988 vol. 5: Raw footage of Superstar interview
"Manson 1989: Manson interview, Squeaky interview, Watkins interview, Milestone IV '72, Manson Parole hearing, 20th Anniversary coverage"
"Manson 1990: Susan La Bianca vs Ma Tate, 2 Sandra Good interviews, Ma Tate & Ed Sanders, Beach Boys, '88 West Virginia Manson, Squeaky etc."
Manson 1991 vol. 1: Hard Copy Manson in Vacaville show + Pardon From Above- Tex Watson
"Manson 1991 vol. 2: Manson Family Reunion, Manson, Sadie reports, Tex Ministry, Manson the Mobster, Leslie van Houten parole hearing"
Manson 1991 vol. 3: A Healter Skelter Haloween with Ron Regan & Charlie Manson
Manson 1991 vol. 4: Manson/Reagan interview uncut
"Manson 1992 vol. 1: Manson Today interview, Manson Parole Hearing report, Ford Assassination attempt '75, Red & Blue speak '92"
Manson 1992 vol. 2: Manson Parole Hearing complete
"Manson 1992 vol. 3: Manson/Daniels interivew complete + 2 Italian Manson interivews '86, '87 + Noguchi + Satanism docu '91"
"Manson 1993: Ma Tate's Crusade '90, Prison Sex Contro '92, Patty Tate '93, Manson Children Today '93"
"Manson 1994 vol. 1: Sandra Good interview, the Manson Women, T-shirt contro, Polanski interview, Alice La Bianca interview"
Manson 1994 vol. 2: Manson/Murphy interview raw footage 160 mins. n '94 vol. 2:
Manson 1994 vol. 3: Manson Then/Manson Now UK docu. '92 + Seril Killer trading cards conto '94
"Manson 1994 vol. 4: German interviews with Manson, Ed Sanders, Sandra Good, Pat Krenwinkel, Bugliosi ( in German with no English sub titles)"
"Manson 1994 vol. 5: Dutch docu in English with Aes-Nihil interview + French docu + Polanski's lie dector test, Manson docu, Guns 'N Roses"
Manson 1994 vol. 6: US Reports of the 25th Anniversary of Healter Skelter
"Manson 1994 vol. 7: ""Witness Charles Manson The Man Who Killed the 60's"" UK docu"
"Manson 1995 vol. 1: Bio of Manson, Assassination docu with Squeaky"
"Manson 1995 vol. 2: Rivals- Manson/Bugliosi + Japanese show re Manson, Aum Supreme, OJ Simpson ( no English sub stiles on later)"
Manson 1997 vol. 1: complete Parole Hearing (160 mins.)
"Manson 1997-1998: Manson Music, Manson Web Site, Tex, Romans return contro & interview, Samantha, Gypsey, Bugliosi, Pelican Bay, Mama Cass, Tate House"
"Manson 1998 vol. 2: H. Stern, Bobby, Sharon, Manson, Polanski, Hwy Patrol, UK docu. '92, Death Match, Monkees, Bugliosi, South Park"
"Manson 1998 vol. 3: Court TV docu., Folsom Prison docu., Manson Mission ""99, Prose & Cons"
"Manson 1999 vol. 1: 30th Anniversary Report, Leeza Show, 20th Century, Manson Mission, Alderson docu with Squeaky"
"Manson 2000: Roman Polanski Bio., VH1-Manson Music, ""1970"" show, Sharon Tate Book, Manson-Ebert"
"Manson 2001: MSNBC-The Manson Women, Leslie van Houten parole Hearing, Women In Prison-Squeaky & Ford Bio, Secret Service report, History Ch Oct."
"Manson 2002 Healter Skelter Tour of the sites vol. 1: Tate House site, Spahn Ranch, Ft. of the World, El Coyote, Vista, La Biancas, Hall of Justice, DV"
"Manson 2002 Healter Skelter Tour of the Sites vol. 2: Golar Wash, Barker Ranch, Myers Ranch, Ballarat, Tate Grave"
"Manson 2002 vol. 1: Sharon Tate Bio, Manson Memrabelia, Manson Women A&E"
"Manson 2002 vol. 2: Bugliosi, Hollywood Crime Scenes, Tate House, Celebrity Justice '03, Sunset Strip & Manson, Sebring House"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 10-LA Land of Manson, Aryan Brotherhood"
Manson 2008: Vol. 1-March- Barker Search
"Manson 2008: Vol. 2-Barker Search2, Lohan Movie, 666 Satan"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 3-Barker Search3, Girls, Polanski, Miami, Sadie"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 4-Icon-Sharon, Sadie Cancer, Most Evil UK"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 5-Polanski Movie, Girls, Disorder, Gypsey, Music"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 6-Deranged, Sadie, Manson Psych, Devils Biz"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 7- Most Evil US, Devils Bix alt, Polanski Inter 82"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 8- Ballarat, Leslie 91, Nelson"
"Manson 2008: Vol. 9-Will You Kill, Missing Victims"
Manson 70 vol 3-Raw News Footage
Manson '70: raw news footage
Manson 70: The Trial 4 hours of raw footage never before avaliable 2 DVDs $75
Manson 70-77-Raw News Footage
"Manson Alternative versions of Bill Stout interview, Manson Today + Sharon Tate-Fearless Vampire Trailers, Eye of the Devil docu."
Manson Family Movies '84 dir. Aes-Nihil
"Manson Raw Footage: Leslie 2002 Press confs., 89, 87, Pat 85, Bruce 01, Phil Kaufman inter, etc. "
"Manson Sites vol. 2- Rivera-Spahn, Tate, La Biancas, NIN House Tour, Tate House Dem, Tate Grave"
"Manson Sites: Rivera at Spahn, Tate House, La Bianca's, NIN tour, Demolition, Sneak Tour of New House 8-8-01 12 mid, Spiral Staircase. Sebring hse, more!"
"Manson, Charles- Police Lady: Manson movie staring Ru Paul!"
Manson: 1969-1994 News Footage comp. vol. 1 $40
Manson: 1969-1994 News Footage comp. vol. 2 $40
"Manson: 1976 Sadie Interview, 1982 Charlie Interview Never Before Avaliable! $40"
Manson: 1982 Parole Hearing Never before avaliable! $40
Manson: 1983-2003 vol. 1 comp.$35
Manson: 1983-2003 vol. 2 comp. $35
Manson: 1983-2003 vol. 3 comp. $35
"Manson: 1985-2002 CIW Press confrence, Leslie Court appreance, Debra Tate, Steve Kay, Krenwinkel 85 Parole hearing, Phil Kaufman"
"Manson: 2002-2003 CIW Prison report, Leslie parole report, Manson West Virginia, Squeaky interview, Histories Mysteries, Dennis Wilson"
"Manson: 2004-2005 Tate House, Altobelli interview, Manson Lost inter., Healter Skelter 04, Polanski, Melcher, Sadie, Melcher, misc."
"Manson: 2006-2007 Vol. 1- Our Generation, Bruce parole debate, Debr Tate, Leslie parole reports, Cults-Dangerous Devotion"
"Manson: 2006-2007 Vol. 2 News Reports, Tex, Bruce, Leslie"
Manson: 2007 Parole Hearing + Interviews Exclusive release $40
Manson: 2007 vol. 3 comp.
"Manson: 4 Hour comp. LA Murders, Rivera, Felton & Dlaton, Sharon, Sadie, Barker, Beatles etc. $40"
Manson: Bruce Davis- '93 Parole Hearing complete
Manson: Bruce Davis- '97 Parole Hearing complete
Manson: Bruce Davis- '98 Parole Hearing complete
Manson: Each Night As You Sleep I Destroy The World: A Screamplay- Canadian produced play
Manson: Ed Sanders Interviewed by Bill Nelson
Manson: Leslie van Houten- '00 Parole Hearing complete
Manson: Leslie van Houten- 01 Parole Hearing complete
Manson: Leslie van Houten 1977 Interview Never Before Avaliable! $40
Manson: Leslie van Houten 1993 Prison Documentary
Manson: Leslie van Houten 2002 Parole Hearing
Manson: Leslie van Houten- '91 Parole Hearing Complete and Uncut Produced by Bill Nelson
Manson: Leslie van Houten- '93 Parole Hearing Complete
Manson: Leslie van Houten- '96 Parole Hearing Complete + Q & A session with Sandra Good input (2 tapes)
Manson: Leslie van Houten- '98 Parole Hearing Complete
Manson: Leslie van Houten- '99 Parole Hearing complete
"Manson: Leslie van Houten-'06 Parole Hearing, complete exclusive release from the only master with Debra Tate, DA, Lawyer interviews 160 mins. $50"
Manson: Leslie van Houten-2007 Parole Hearing aprx 5 hours 2DVDs $60
Manson: No Sence Makes Sence- Danish documentary
"Manson: Patricia Krenwinkel- '93 Parole Hearing complete & uncut. ""What do I have to do to get out of here? Die?!"""
Manson: Patricia Krenwinkel- '97 Parole Hearing complete
Manson: Patricia Krenwinkel Documentary $40
Manson: Patricia Krenwinkel-'91 Parole Hearing Complete produced by Bill Nelson
Manson: Susan Atkins- '01 Parole Hearing complete ( 2 tapes)
Manson: Susan Atkins- '93 Complete Parole Hearing produced by Bill Nelson (2 tapes)
"Manson: Susan Atkins, Sandra Good-Australiain TV Interviews"
Manson: Tex Watson- Forgiven: Groovy Docu-Drama '94
"Manson: Tex Watson- Serial Killer Denied May 4, '90 complete Parole Hearing produced by Bill Nelson"
Manson: Tex Watson- The Power of Forgiveness- Written by Tex so you know its like accurate
Manson: White Rabbit- Aug. '98 Interogation and subsequent digging for bodies at Barker Ranch
"Manson-8-08 Bugliosi Lecture, CM Rock, Steve Parent Grave (Exclusive)"
Manson-8-8-08 39th Anniversary Last Super
Manson-Nelson Barker Trip 1992
Manson-Nelson Barker Trip 2000
"Manson-Nelson Investigations vol. 2: Doris Tate, Bugliosi, Bonin"
"Manson-Nelson Investigations: Mark Watlz, Zodiac, Doris Tate"
Manson-Susan Atkins 2008 Special Hearing (Exclusive $100)
March Zum Fuhuer
"Marital Difficulties: Jealousy 54, Whos the Boss 50, Once Upon A Honeymoon 56, Whos Right 54, Child Bride trailer"
Market A Lazarova
Marky Mark Workout!
"Marquise Von O-Nach Heinrich V. Kleist Mit Edith Clever, Die: dir. H.J. Syberberg ( 2 tapes) ( in German with no English sub titles)"
Martha: dir. F. W. Fassbinder '74
Maryjane '68
"Mason, James: The AMOK interviews"
"Masonic Bible, the: Steve Cookley"
Massacre At Central High
Matrix of Evil-Alex Jones
Max Ernest docu (German no English titles)
"Maxwell, Jordan: The All Seeing Eye the Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt"
Mc Kenna: Experiment at Petaluma + Jounrney Into Time '69 + A History of LSD
"Mc Pherson, Aimee Simple: docu."
"Mc Veigh, Timothy: report April 19 2000"
"Mc Veigh, Timothy: The Conspiracy UK docu."
"McCarthy,Paul: Pinocchio, Pipenose, House Hold Dillema, Heidi, Bossy Burger"
"McCarthy,Paul: Fresh Acconci, Family Tyranny"
Mean Johnny Barrows
Mega Murder: The AIDS Plot docu.
"Megiddo 1,2"
"Mekas, Jonah: Cup, Saucer, 2 Dancers, Radio + Award Presentation to Andy Warhol '64"
Mentors Movie
Mephistophelean Illumination docu.
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 1 TV apperances"
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 2 The Portland Trial"
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 3 White Terror-Anti-God"
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 4 Toronto '92"
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 5 With the Black Panthers"
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 6 In Japan"
"Metzger, Tom- vol. 7Interview & Tank Ride"
"Metzger, Tom-Race & Reason with Ben Klassen"
"Meyer, Russ & Cast of Beyond The Valley of the Dolls live in L.A. '99"
"Meyer, Russ-Interviews"
Michigan Militia Presents Mark Koernke & John Stadtmiller docu.
Midway Marvels: Cpt Don Leslie
Midway Marvels-Bobby Reynolds- Sideshow docu.
"Military & Political Corruption: Mafia connection, Secret Homosexual Clubs, Assassinations, NATO murders (2 tapes)"
Mind Control & The Illuminati- F. Springmeier Springmeier- docu.
Mind Control Goes Public
Mind Control Out Of Control: Vol. 1 Global Sciences Confrence-Mark Phillips & Kathy O'Brien
Mind Control Out Of Control: Vol. 2 docu.
Mind Control Out Of Control: Vol. 3: Rhoades & Stratto docu.
Mind Control: Americas Secret War
Missionary Positions- Christian Ministers form XXX Church to Fight Filth?!
MK Ultra Mind Control
"MK Ultra Mind Control- Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien"
MK Ultra Survivors Testimony
Mod Fuck Explosion
"Molestors, The"
Mondo Hollywood: Infamouse Explotation flick with Jay Sebring and Bobby Beausoliel '67
Mondo Teeno '67
Mondo Weirdo '90 Germany
"Money Masters, The"
"Moneytree, The: dir. Alan Dienstag '92 Marijuna Farming explained"
"Montauk Project, The docu."
"Moon, Rev. Sun Myung: UK docu."
Mr. No Legs
"MTV Examined! Leading ""Christian"" Experts Agree-Its Naughty"
"Muhammad, Khalid: Debate with Rabbis!"
"Muhammad, Khalid: Donahue Show"
"Muhammad, Khalid: Q & A Session"
"Muhammad, Khallid: Unity Nation speech"
"Muhammed, Elijah: Interviews"
"Muhammed, Khalid: Kill The White White with Anthony Hilder ( 2 tapes)"
"Muhammed, Khallid: X-Pierence ( 2 tapes)"
"Muhuel, Otto Vienna vol. 1"
"Muhuel,Otto Vienna vol. 2"
"Muhuel,Otto-Wien Aktionists compilation vol.2"
Muhuel.Otto-Wien Aktionists compilation vol.1
Mullholland Drive-David Lynch TV Pilot
"Mumsey, Nanny, Sonny, & Girly '69 dir. Freddie Francis"
"Munch, Evard: Docu. "
Murders in the Rue Morgue '32 recut to orig script
Mushrooms-The Way of the Shaman docu.
Music To Die For: How Rock Music is Killing Our Teens!
My Favorite Wife: dir. Garson Kanin '40 staring Gary Grant
My Friends Need Killing!
My Hustler: dir. Andy Warhol '65
Mystery of the Crop Circles docu.
Mystics In Bali '81
Naked Angels
Naked Truth: Symbolism in Religon docu.
Naked Weekend '83
Naked Zoo '71
Natas es Satan: Mexican Satanic Explotation
"Nation, The"
National Alliance Recruitment
National Front: Interviews
Nato Targets: docu.
Nazi Newsreels #5
"Nazi Occult Conspiracy, The,+ Hitlers Lost Plan"
"Nazi Produced Newsreel vol. 1: 38 & 43 Speeches by Hitler, Goebbels, Goring"
"Nazi Produced Newsreel vol. 2: Beach Party, Anti Retards, Mannesmann, Poland, Hitler Speech"
"Nazi Produced Newsreels vol. 3: Germany Awake!, Berlin Tour, '44 Combat"
Nazi Propaganda Shorts #13
Nazi UFO's: Glanost Over Russia docu.
Nazi UFO's: South Pole Base docu.
Nazi UFO's: The Illumanti-New World Order parts 1 & 2 ( 2 tapes) docu.
Nazi UFO's: The Thrid Reich Strikes Back! docu.
Nazi UFO's: Paperclip Scientist Father docu.
Nazi UFO's: Saucer R & D docu.
Nazis: Mythos Ilse Koch + Herrn Hitler's Religion docus.
Nazi's: Warning From History- UK docu. ( 3 tapes)
Necromantic: dir. Ed Wood Jr. '71
Negros With Guns-they gonna git you!
Nekromantic: dir. Jorg Buttgerett
"Neon Woman, The- staring Divine"
New World Odor: Hanson & Hilder docu.
"New World Order, The-Underground Bases and the NOW: Phil Schneider docu."
New World Order: Citizens Militia vs. the New World Order docu.
New World Order: E. Mullins docu.
New World Order: P. Lalonde docu.
"Nietzsche, Elisabeth Forester-U.K. Documentary"
"Nietzsche, Fredrich-U.K. Documentary short"
"Night God Screamed, The '71"
Night Is My Future-Bergman
Night Of Pain
"Nightmare House-Scream, Baby, Scream '69"
Nine One One & the Neo Con Agenda-Alex Jones
Nine One One Eyewitness Hoboken
Nine One One Reviisted-Scientific Questions
Nine One One Spetember Surprise
Nine One One The Road to Tranyy- Mike Rupert
Nine Six Four Pinocchio
Nineteen Eighty Four '56
Nitsch- Das Orgien Mysterian Theatre '84 (x)
No Boundries: We Bad: Tattoo Biker Freaks
None Dare Call It Murder: The Clinton Conspiracy- docu.
Normal Love: dir. Jack Smith
Nosferato In Venice '86 Italy
Nude Restraunt '67 dir. Andy Warhol
Obscene Mirror-Jess Franco
"Occult Expirence, The: docu. with Anton La Vey, Geiger, et al"
"Occult Space Race, The"
"Occult World of Commerace, The: Jordon Maxwell"
"Off Beat Toons vols. 1,2"
Ohm Kruger: Hans Steinhoff 1941 Nazi Cinema series
Oklahoma Attrocity: Eyewitness Jane Grahams & Anthony Hilder docu.
Oklahoma Bombing: Tom Metzger presents ( 2 tapes)
Oklahoma City Bombing Revisited
Oklahoma City Bombing-Cover Up in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Cover Up: Jerry Long Spaugh docu.
"Old Fashioned Way, The: dir. W. Beaudine '34 staring W. C. Fields"
"Oliver, Dr. Revilo P. After 50 years"
"Oliver, Dr. Revilo P: The National Alliance Memorial Symposium (2 tapes)"
"Oliver, Dr. Revilo: The National Alliance "
Once You Kiss A Stranger 1969
One Hundred Percent White- UK docu.
One Percent Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs: Christian Anti Biker Propaganda
"Order, The: Robert Matthews, Inside the Hate Conspiracy + Hip Hate docus."
"Origin of Civilization, The: Ivan Van Sertima"
Osama Superstar: Adam Parfrey's lecture on Islamic Extremist Worship of Osama Bin Laden at Odium Hollywood 2002
Osho Bhagwan
Our Darling Daughters '36
Outlaw Riders '71
Outlaw Women '52 dir. Ron Ormond
Outrageous Animation vol. 2
Pagannini : dir. Klaus Kinski '89
"Page, Betty: TV Docu."
Painful Deceptions of 9-1-1
"Painleve, Jean: 10 shorts including Lovelife of the Octopus, The Sea Horse"
"Pal, George: Puppetons- 1940's animation "
Panathesia: dir. H.J. Syberberg ( 2tapes) (in German with no English sub titles)
Pandilleros Juveniles
Panik Project-The UFO Attack!- docu.
Paradise Not Yet Lost: Jonah Mekeas
Park Row dir. Sam Fuller
Party Monster: UK Docu. On the NYC Party Kids and Murder
"Pasolini, Pier Paolo: Shorts- La Ricotta, E La Forma Della Citta, La Mura Bi Sana ( in Italian with no English sub titles)"
"PCP Story, The brought to you by the Orange Co,. Police Dept."
"Peacekillers, The"
Pearl Harbor & FDR-the Conspiracy
"People Next Door, The '70"
Perversion for Profit-George Putnam 1964
Peyote Medicine Men docu.
Philadelphia Teleportation Experiments & Time Travel Experiments of the Illuminati docu.
Phynx '70
"Pierce, Dr. William: Dr. No-UK docu on the Nuclear Physicist & Author of the Turner Diaries"
"Pierce, Dr. William: Speech Apr. '97 Cleveland"
"Pierce, Dr. William: Race & Reality"
"Pierce, Dr. William: Speech '98"
Pigs Vs Freaks: dir. Dick Lowery '84 The Pigs take on The Freaks in a Football Game!
Pill Poppers + Caught In A Rip Off- docus.
Pink Angels '71
Pink Flamingos '72 dir. John Waters (Original version)
Pink Slip: school docu for girls
Planet Krulik 2000
Play It As It Lays '72
"Polanski, Roman-Interview U.K."
"Polanski,Roman: Shorts- Mammels '62, 2 Men & A Wardrobe '58, The Fat & the Lean '61"
Police State (3 DVDs)
Poor Devil: dir. R. Scheerer a Satanic Comedy staring Sammy Davis Jr of Church of Satan fame and Christopher Lee as Lucifer
Poor Little Rich Girl: dir. Andy Warhol '65
Poor White Trash '57
"Popcorn: An Audio Visual Rock Thang: dir. Peter Clifton '69 Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Otis Redding etc."
Porgy & Bess-Otto Preminger
Porno of Bobbet & Tonya (x)
Porno of Jayne Kennedy (x)
Porno of Rob Lowe (x)
Porno of the Go-Go's (x)
"Porno of the Stars: Barbera Streisand, Marlyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Chuck Conners, Sylvester Stallon etc. (x)"
Porno of Tom & Pam (x)
Porno the Winable War
"Pornography-Addictive, Progressive, Dangerous!"
Positvly Jewish!docu.
"Pot, Parents, & Police: dir. P. Pine '72 A Leading Hippie Couple introduce pot & booze to a very nice young man."
Potty-Con: Scatalogical Art Fest LA '96
Pound: dir. Robert Downey '70
Pox 2 Shows
Pox Collage
Private War: 1988 dir. F. Di Palma staring Joey Dellasandro
Project Lucid & the Globalist Plot Against America: Texe Marrs docu.
Projet P: dir. George Kuchar compilation of shorts
Propaganda Cartoons of WW 2 US
"Propaganda Swing, Dr. Goebbels presents- UK docu."
Protocols of the Elders of Zion: docu.
"Psychadelic Conference: with Leary, Mc Kenna etc."
Psychadelic Science
Psychadelic Video Archive
"Psychadelics in the 90's with Leary, Mc Kenna, L. Huxley"
Psycho From Texas: 1982 dir. Collisn & Feazill
"Psychology: Emotinal Maturity 57, Booked For Safe Keeping 60, What Is Beautiful? , Symptoms of Schizophrenia 40, Empty Life 63"
Psycho-Sexual Art Fest vol. 1 at Zero One
Psycho-Sexual Art Fest vol. 2 at Arts Jr.
"Punk Violence with Tom Snyder, Johnny Rotten, Judge Judy -Johnny Rotten"
"Punk, The Day My Kid Went Punk!"
Queen of Blood '66
"Queen of Sheba Meets Atom Man, The: dir. Ron Rice "
Questor Tapes 1974
Rabbitts-David Lynch
Racism-The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
Racist Little Rascals TV
"Raimi, Sam-Shorts"
"Rand, Ayn-Interview and Speeches"
Rapeman: dir. T. Nagaishi '90 (english subtitles) ( 2tapes)
Re Born: dir. J. Luna '81 staring Dennis Hopper
"Real History 2000, David Irving Presents: Kimberley Cornish- The Man Who Was Ester-Ludwig Wittgenstein "
Red & Rosey!
"Red Asphalt!: Wheels of Tradgedy 63, Stop Driving Us Crazy 53, Corvair 60, Signal 30 59"
"Reich, Wilheim In Hell a play by Robert Anton Wilson and Jed Rowen"
Reise Nach Tilst: Viet Harlen 1939 Nazi Cinema series the Nazi version of Sunrise
Remote Viewing-The Stargate Chronicles: Joseph McMoneagle's life as a Remote Viewer in the US Military's Psy-Op Program
"Reno, Janet ""Butch"": Expose there of"
Reptilians Afrom the Hollow Earth-John Rhodes
"Re-Search: Pranks- '88 featuring Joe Coleman, Mark Pauline, Karen Finley, Frank Discussion, Boyd Rice"
Revemge on a Motorcycle Mama (x)
Revenge of Billy The Kid
"Revisionists, the Persecuation of"
Revolution '68
"Rice, Boyd & Adam Parfrey: The Panic Art Show + Readings "
"Rice, Boyd: Pearls Before Swine movie"
"Rice, Boyd: On Race & Reason + NON Live in Japan "
Ricky 6-Say You Love Satan
"Riefenstahl, Leni: Ein Traum von Afrika"
Riefenstahl. Leni: 100th Birthday Celebration-privatly taped
Riefenstahl. Leni: 1965 Interview in English
Rife Technology A New Hope
"Ring, David: The infamouse drolling cerebal palsy stricken preacher- if Jesus can do this to him, think what he can do to you! ( 4 tapes)"
Riot In Juvinele Prison '59
Riot on 42nd St.
Riot On Sunset Strip '67
"Rite of Love & Death, The: dir. Yukio Mishima '67"
River of Death: Luis Bunuel 1955 in Spanish only
Road to Eden
"Road to Tyranny, The-Alex Jones"
Robert und Bertram: Hans Zerleitt 1939 Nazi Cinema series
"Robinson, Ein: Nazi Cinema"
Rock N Roll Sorcerers of the New Age (2DVDs)
Rock Pretty Baby 1956
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-documentary"
Romance In A Minor Key: dir. Helmut Kutner Germany 1943 (English titles)
Room of Chains '72 dir. Gerard Tembacewicz France
"Rubert, Mike-Peak Oil, Economic Crisis"
Ruby Ridge / David Icke- The Lizard & The Jews 2 UK docus.
Run Nigger Run '74 dir. Michael Finn
Russia's Secret Weapon: Bill Schnoeloelen
"Sacred Cow Haloween, A"
Sacred Symbols: dir. Ron Ormond
"Sacrilige, Viscious Virgin (X)"
"Salassie, Haile: Documentary + Marcus Garvey docu. + Bob Marley Funeral"
"Salassie, Halie: The Lion of Judah documentary"
Salo dir. Passolini (X)
Sampson vs The Supreme Dictator amazingly stupid amature mvoie
"San Francisco 1936 Expostion, Golden Gate Bridge Opening, City Travellogue 1930s"
"San Francisco Home Movies: Golden Gate 39, Mt. Tamalpais 1917, misc. 40, 41"
"San Francisco- Silent Movies of 1905, 1906 Earth Quake, Worlds Fair"
San Quintin Angel: docu.
Satan 88-89: compilation of sensationalist TV talk shows at the peak of the Satanic Scare
Satan in the Suburbs-the Ricky Kaso story
Satan Possesed docu.
"Satan, Church of: Zeena La Vey on the talk shows"
"Satan, Church of: Karla La Vey on the Regan Show"
"Satanic Century, The: Presented by Bob Larsen"
"Satanic Cults and other Cults 02-06 docus on Crowley, La Vey, Koresh, Berg, Jeffs et al"
Satanic Disco '69 in the Year 2005 featuring Stanton & Zandora LaVey with Beyound Joy & Evil soudntrack
Satanic Freemasonry
Satanic Menace 2000 Ted Gundersons expose
Satanic Murder: Sean Sellers- TV docu.
Satanic Neo-Nazis vs Bob Larsen
Satanic Panic + Hidden Places UK docus.
Satanic Ritual Abuse & Secret Socities with David Carrico
"Satanica, British vol. 1: Watford Witchcraft with Psychic TV interview + Deleiver Us From Evil UK docus."
"Satanica, British vol. 2: Alesiter Crowley ""Great Ideas of the 20th Century"" + Ritaul Satanic Abuse-the show that got Pyshic TV banned from England"
"Satanica, British vol. 3: The rise of Satanism + Dutcu Ted Bundy docu. ( in Dutch with no English subtitles)"
Satanis: '66 docu. On the Church of Satan & Anton La Vey
Satanism and the CIA
"Satanist, Former-Exposes the Occult in Everyday Life!"
Satans Triangle
"Satan's Underground: The show that started it all, Rivera with The Church of Satan, The Temple of Set + Johanna Michelson vs Haloween"
Savage Beasts
"Savage Seven, The"
Scales of Justice '92 dir. David Cronenberg
"Schneider, Charles: Hollywood Art Opening Feb. 2000"
Scientific Experiments on ET's at Area 51- Dan Burish
Scientology & Me and what Scientology has to say about it
Scientology- For The Love of Faith docu.
Scientology presents- Psychiatric Rape!
Scientology presents: Fraudulent Diagonosis +ADHD Kid Song
Scientology presents: Psychiatr's Creation of Racism + Inside the Org!
Scientology presents: Psychiatry & the selling of Schizophrenia + the Clearwater Police
Scientology presents: Psychiatry's Destruction of Young Minds + Leonard Frank and Tom Cruise!
Scientology presents: The Myth of Adult ADHD + ADHD-Epidemic or Fraud?
"Scientology, Inside: docu."
"Scientology, Intro to: UK Docu. "
Scientology: Facing South + Narcanons Ties to Scientology
Scientology: Speaking Freely-Tori Bezazian on Scientology + Lies & Hypocracies of L Ron
Scientology-Cult Awareness
"Scientology-Global Psychaitry, Tampa Bay Life Improvement Show"
Scientology-L. Rons Grandson + Training Routine Demonstration
Sci-Fi Trailers
Scrapbook: The True Story of a Serial Killer
"Scream, Baby, Scream!: dir. Joseph Alder and Larry Cohen '69"
Screwball Academy: When the zealous followers of the Church of Divine Light collide with heathen filmmakersÖ
Scum of the Earth
Sea of Green: High Times Presents
"Search For Sata, A: UK deocu."
Seattle U-District Docutainment: dir. David von Wellens '96
"Second Coming, The: dir. Ron Ormond"
"Second Gun, The: the Assasination cover-up of Robert Kennedy"
"Secret Behind Secret Socities, The"
"Secret Government, The: The Hidden Menance to America-The inside story of the CABAL that rules America through secrecy"
Secret KGB UFO Files docu.
"Secret Life of Glen Meadmore, The: Glen challenges Mildred & Myrtle to a Psycho-Drama or was it Channeling?"
Secret Rulers of the World-Satanic Shadowy Elite-Bohemian Grove & Bilderberg UK docus.
Secret Socities of the New World Order docu.
Secret Space & Robot Rebellion
"Secrets of Blackworld 1,2"
Secrets of Secret Socities
Secrets of the Vatican:Vatacan Assassins + Data CD with 13 Rare Books
Seeding of a Hong Kong Ghost '83
Seppuku Girls- music by Masami Akita
"Serial Killers- Charles Ng on Notorious 2004, Son of Sam on Unsolved History"
Serial Killers- Otis Toole on Notorious 2005
"Serial Killers- Richard Speck 2006, Ed Gein 2005"
Serial Killers vol. 1: Rivera with Joel Norris
Serial Killers vol. 10: Dahmer + his mom & dad
"Serial Killers vol. 11: UK reports- Wood & Graham, Lethal Lovers, Roadside Strangler, R. Defeo, Amityville, K. McDuff, Broomstick Killer, K. Bianchi"
Serial Killers vol. 12: Arthur Shawcroos UK reports
Serial Killers vol. 13: Heny Lee Lucas & Otis Toole UK reoprts
"Serial Killers vol. 14: Zodiac- TV reports '97, '98"
"Serial Killers vol. 15: The Process & Son of Sam + Ramirez, Rifkin, Rillings, Wourness"
Serial Killers vol. 16: Richard Ramirez: TV reoports from when it happened
Serial Killers vol. 17: Ted Bundy
Serial Killers vol. 18: Lake & Ng
"Serial Killers vol. 19: Cannibalism- Chikatilo, Shawcross, Dahmer UK docu."
"Serial Killers vol. 2: W. Williams, R. Bardo, R. Ramirez interview, A. Wouness, Zodiac"
Serial Killers vol. 20: The Cult That Could Not Stop Killing- Uganda- UK docu.
Serial Killers vol. 21: Zodiac: Raw documentary footage
Serial Killers vol. 22: Jaff Dahmer trial coverage live from the courtroom (3 tapes)
Serial Killers vol. 25: Journey Into Evil-Lake & Ng docu..
"Serial Killers vol. 26: The John List Murders, The Green River Killer"
"Serial Killers vol. 27: Henry Lee Lucas, Otis Toole, William Bonin, Vernon Butts, Joseph Franklin"
"Serial Killers vol. 28: Randy Weaver vs the ATF, John Lennon and David Chapman"
Serial Killers vol. 29: Richard Speck Bio.
"Serial Killers vol. 3: Ramierz, Science of Murder"
"Serial Killers vol. 30: Richard Speck A&E, Ken Bianci Feb '99 News"
"Serial Killers vol. 4: Son of Sam, J.W. Gacy, C. Whitman"
Serial Killers vol. 5: J. Dahmer as it happened
"Serial Killers vol. 6: Dahmer, Monsters Amoung Us, W.A. Dodd"
Serial Killers vol. 7: Dahmer UK interview + Japanese cannibal Killer with Colin Wilson
"Serial Killers vol. 8: Dahmer interview, Gun debate, crime Groupies"
"Serial Killers vol. 9: Son of Sam interview, T. Bundy interview & exicution, serial Killer art"
Serial Killers:vol. 23: Zodiac- Cold Case Files '03 docu.
"Serial Killers:vol. 24- Hillside Strangler, Son of Sam, Dennis Nilsen UK docu."
"Serial Killers:vol. 26: Cannibalism, A History of docu. '98"
Seven Footprints to Satan '29
"Seven Minutes, The: dir. Russ Meyer '71"
"Sex & Drugs!-Physical Aspects of Puberty 53, Subject Narcotics 51, Distant Drummer 72, Your Body During Adolescence 55, Human Reproduction 47"
Sex Business- Made in Passing: dir. H.J. Syberberg '69 (in German with no English sub titles)
Sex Crimes & the Vatican!
Sex Cults in Winnatche!: TV Docu.
"Sex Ed 1970's-Am I Normal, Sally at 13, About Contraseption"
"Sex Ed-Molly Grows Up 53, Naturaly a Girl 73, Social Sex Attitudes 53, As Boys Grow 57"
Sex Education in the USA 1952 Movie
Sex Psycho: Sex & Murder combined at last (x)
"Shadow of Hate, The: docu."
Shanty Tramp
"Ships of Troy, The: LA Riots, Oklahoma Bombing, Waco- Hilder"docu.
Shocking Asia 2 '75
Shocks: Japanese Faces of Death docu.
"Show, The: Tod Browning 1927"
Sic Nic: Performance Art in Atlanta '86
Sicilian Clan: dir. A. Venneni '69
Sign of the Pagan- Sirk '54
"Silver Planet, The (Polish with English titles) (2 DVDs)"
"Silver Planet, The (Polish-German titles) 2 tapes"
Simon King of the Witches '71
Singapore Sling: dir. N. Nikolaidis '90
Sinner's Blood
"Six,Six,Six: It's Origin & Meaning docu."
"Six,Six,Six: The Mark of the Beast docu."
"Sixties Cinema of Protest with George Kuchar, Bruce Conner, Andy Warhol, Paul Warhola"
"Sixties Mania: Frontline 65, Match Your Mood 68, Vicious Circle 64, When You Grow Up 73, Clour It Clean 68, etc"
Sizzle-Kitten Natividad
Skiddo '68
"Skinheads- UK docus. On The National Front, Aryan Woodstock + J.B. Stoner in Glendale + Rob Heick"
Skinheads USA + German docu. On the music
"Skinheads, The New"
Skinheads: dir. Greydon Clark '89
Skull & Bones docu.
Slaves in Cages
Sleep My Love- Sirk '48
Sleep: Andy Warhol- 5 hour 30 minute version (3 tapes)
"Slog Movie, The '81 dir. Dave Markey with Black Flag, Red Cross, Circle Jerks, Fear, Wasted Youth, TSOL, Circle One, The Cheifs, Sin34"
Small White House
Smashing Time: 2 girls go stark MOD!
"Smith, Harry: Early Abstractions, Heaven and Earth Magic"
"Social Seminar 71-72- Tom, Bunny, Guy, Changes"
Sodomic Mind Control docu.
Soldier Girls-Broomfield
Some Like It Violent
Some People Call Them Freaks
Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things '71
Sons of Satan: '68 staring Klaus Kinski
SOS Iceberg: dir. Fanck with Leni Riefenstahl '33
South Africa-Louis Theroux
Speak of the Devil: '93 docu. On the Church of Satan & Anton La Vey
Spear of Destiney: The Lost Years of Jesus & Si Baba + 2nd docu on The Spear
Spectres of the Spectrum-Craig Baldwin
Speeding Up Time- weird Blaxsplotation
Spike of Bensonhurst: dir. Paul Morrisey '88
Stalin-Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood docu.
Stalked! + Two for a Fiver
"Stalkers- 48 Hours 2003- Chang & Struthers, TV figures + Most Evil- Bardo, Chapman, Farley, Atkins"
Star Struck
Stark Fear! '63
"Steckler, Ray Dennis: The Incrediably Strange docu. '88"
Stereo dir. David Cronenberg
Stop Ice Cold/ Where No Sun Shines: docus. On Meth labs and NYC Hookers
Stop Mind Control-Government Mind Control Experiments on Americans (2 Tapes)
Storm On The Pacific- Koernke & Standtmiller docu.
"Strange Harvest: Cattle Mutilations, UFO's, cover up-Howe"
"Strange Story of Joe Meek, The "UK Docu.
"Stranger Within"""
Strawberries Need Rain
Submit To Me Now: dir. Richard Kern '87 staring the masterful Lung Leg
"Subterrians, The"
Subversive Use of Symbols in the Media (2 DVDs)
Suffer the Children
Summer of No Return: dir. George Kuchar
Sun Worship the Conspiracy docu.
Surf Party
"Surviving A Knife Fight: useful, informative"
Suzanne: dir. Robin Spry '80
Svankmajer: Documentary
Swastika- docu.
Sweden Heaven & Hell '68
"Swinging Summer, A"
Syberberg Films Brecht: dir. H. J. Syberberg
Sylvia '65
"T.V. Dante,A. 26 Bathrooms '89 dir. Peter Greenaway"
Take It To The Limit: 1980 A 2001 style approach to the emotional trauma and excitement of Motorcycle racing.
"Tale of the Dean's Wife: dir. B Onivas '69 ""It's a Psychadelic Sex Orgy!"""
Tarnished Angels-Sirk
Tarzan and the Jungle Boy
"Tate, Sharon: Eye of the Devil- Sharon Tate in her first movie role plays a murdering Witch in this account of a 1,000 year old dynasty of practicing Satanist!"
"Tate, Sharon: Home Movies $75.00"
"Tate, Sharon: Jay Sebring on Batman"
"Tate, Sharon: Playboy After Dark with Roman Polanski"
"Tate, Sharon: The Victim-Bill Nelson docu."
"Tate, Sharon: TV Apperances- Mr. Ed, Beverly Hillbillies, The Man From Uncle (5 tapes)"
"Tate, Sharon: TV Documentary " 1998
"Tatoo Convention: New Orleans, Amsterdam docu."
"Taza, Son of Cochise- Sirk '54"
"Teen Behavior: Big Man on Campus 58, What About Predudice? 59, Age of Turmoil 53, Other Fellows Feelings 51, etc. "
Teen Scat Sopa (X) Soap (X)
Teenage Kentucky Vampires: docu.
"Teens-Develop Your Maturity!: Family Life 49, How Honest Are You 50, How to Say No 51, Developing Self Reliance 51, etc."
"Temple of Set, The: The Presido Case; interviews with Aquino & Lilith"
Terror in the Jungle '68
Terror Storm
Terror Tape dir. Randall Phillips
Tesla & Marconi Wireless System
"Tesla Death Ray, the docu. "
"Tesla, Nikola: Lightning In His Hand "
"Tesla, Nikola: The Genisus Who Lit The World"
"Tesla, Nikola_ Lecture On"
Tesla: The Ray of Discovery
Tesla's Power is from God: Facts of Faith-Dr. Irwin Moon.
Texas TV Evangelists including the new improved & disquised Children of God UK docu.
That's Irritainment
The Zone
Theft By Deception
There's Always Tomorrow- Sirk '56
They Eat Scum
"They Sold Their Souls For Rock n Roll-Crowley, Occult, Satanisms influence in Rock music (2 tapes)"
"Third Generation, The- dir. R. W. Fassbinder"
"Third Sex, The: dir. Viet Harlan '57 Homo-Sexual Explotation film from the director of Nazi Propaganda Classics!"
Thirteen Chairs: '69 Sharon Tate's last movie
This Filthy World
Thomasine & Bushrod '74
"Thompson, Hunter S: Breakfast With"
"Thompson, Hunter S: Gonzo Archieves comp.vol. 2"
"Thompson, Hunter S: Gonzo Archieves comp.vol.1"
"Thompson, Hunter-Documentary"
Three in the Attic: staring Chris Jones
Three On A Meat Hook
Thumb Tripping 1972
Thunder On The Hill- Sirk '51
Thundercrack!- dir. Curt Mc Dowell with George Kuchar (x)
Thy Kingdom Come: US Christian Mania as exeplified by Mrs H.L. Hunt and Jim & Tammy- UK docu.
"Tiefland: dir. Leni Riefenstahl, G.W. Pabst '54 ( in German with English sub titles)"
"Tiffany Minx, The"
"Tilton, Robert: The Man, The King"
"Time To Love And A Time To Die, A '58 dir. Douglas Sirk"
Tinsel Town '99 dir. George Kuchar
"Tochter Des Samurai, Die: dir. Dr. Arnold Fanck '37"
"Todesking, Der: dir. Jorg Buttgerit '89 "
Too White For Me-Broomfield
Top Secret Scotland Yard
"Tormentors, The: dir. D. Hewitt '71 Nazi Bikers vs Hippies & Jesus Freaks!"
"Torture King, Zamora The: Death defying performances at Odium and La Jesus Hollywood 2002"
"Traces of Death vols 1,2,3,4"
Tragedy in the Holy Land: The Second Uprising 2001 docu.
Transgendered in Ithica!
Trash-O-Rama: documentary on Girlie Movies
Trial of Joan of Arc '62 dir. Robert Bresson
Tribulation 99
Trip to Edgewood: US Army LSD Experaments docu.
"Tripping, The Art of part 2: UK docu. With Allen Ginsberg and Paul Bowles"
Tristana-Luis Bunuel
True Gore '87
Truth & Lies of 9-11- Mike Rubbert
"Turkish Star Wars '82,+ Fork Lift Driver Klaus short"
Turquoise to Taos: dir. Robert Downey '72
Tusk: dir. A. Jodorowsky '80 ( in French no English sub titles)
"Twisted Nerve, The: dir. Roy Boulting '68 staring Hayley Mills!"
UFO Disclosure Project: Steven Greer proves UFOs are Real.
UFO Hunters-Louis Theroux
"UFO Incident, The: dir. R.A. Colla '75 "
"UFO The Untold Stories Continues: Real Footage!, Eyewitness Accounts!, Objective analysis!"
UFO: Contact
UFO's and Channeling 1989 Telly Savalas takes you on a fascinating & enlightening voyage through the unchartered area of the Mind!
UFO's Over Turkey-Sekerkarar
UFO's- The Best Evidence docu.
UFO's/Black Programs: UFORUM presents
UFO's: Government Bible + Area 51 docus.
UFO's: It Has Begun: dir. Ray Rivas '79
UFO's: Overlords of the UFO's-dir. G. Stanford '70
UFO's: Secret KGB Files + Area 51 Interview with an Alien docus.
UFO's: The Hidden Truth
"Uncle Goddamn vols. 1,2,3 ( 3 tapes)" docu.
Under Hot Leather docu.
Underground Bases & the New World Order- P. Schneider
Unfriendly Fire- The UN Plan to Steal America
"Unholy Three, The 1925"
"Unholy Three, The 1930"
Unnaturally Born Killer
"Unseen Journey: The Mystery, Myth, & Truth of Freemasonry docu."
Up The Junction '67 Manfred Mann soundtrack
Up Tight: dir. Jules Dustin '68
"Uriel vol. 10: Overcoming Incest, Preperation for the Landing, The Cosmic Generator"
"Uriel vol. 11: 4th D Psychology, New Age of Spiritaul Renaissance, Rainbow Day Celebration"
"Uriel vol. 12: Infinate Horizons, Know Thyself"
"Uriel vol. 13: Cox Life, A New Life Through Past Life Therapy, Admiral Yamamoto Returns"
Uriel vol. 14: Infinate Concept
Uriel vol. 15: UFO Expo West
Uriel vol. 16: Roots of the Earthman
Uriel vol. 17: Crystal Mountain Cities
Uriel vol. 18: The Decline & Destruction of the Orion Empire
Uriel vol. 19: World Conclave of Light
Uriel vol. 20: Tours of Unarius & Creationist Museum presented by Aes-Nihil
Uriel vol. 21: 2001 World Conclave- visit to the Landing Site + interivews presented by Aes-Nihil
Uriel vol. 8: Past Life Therapy- Authorative account of a subject that has baffled the greatest of scientific minds.
"Uriel vol. 9: Overcoming Drugs, Family Relations, Polarization for Peace"
Uriel vol. A1: Documentary 1: Documentary
Uriel vol. B2: The Ballad of Anna Belle Lee
Uriel vol. C3: Interplanitary Confederation Day featuring Uriels last public apperance an Aes-Nihil exclusive
Uriel vol. D4: The Arrival-Uriel saves Primative Life Forms (Us)
Uriel vol. E5: Underground Cities of Mars-Journey to Mars lfrom the safety of your living rooms. 5: Journey to Mars-all from the safety of your living rooms
Uriel vol. F6: The Story of Isis and Osirus
"Uriel vol. G7: Lemuria-relive day to day life 150,000 years ago!"
Urotsukidoji 2
"VD & Perves- To the People of the US 44, Strange Ones, Famous Strippers, Know for Sure, Innocent Party 55"
"VD Truth or Consequences, Health Horrors"
"Velma, Miss: Christmas in America- LA's answer to UrielÖ Miss Velma shoots up Christmas!"
Velvet Smooth
Verboten! '59 dir. Sam Fuller
"Very Special People: The Struggles, Loves, & Triumphs of Human Oddities docu."
"Vidal, Gore: BBC Documentary"
"Vidal, Gore: Interview Oct. '95"
"Vidal, Gore: Interview with Charlie Rose "
"Vidal, Gore: Lecture at UCLA Mar. 2003"
"Vidal, Gore: The Man Who Said No docu."
"Vidal, Gore: UK Documentary"
Videodrome: David Cronenberg Directors cut
Viktor Und Viktoria: Reinhold Schunzel 1933 Nazi Cinema Series pre Julie Andrews!
Vinyl: dir. Andy Warhol '65
Violence in Rock Music: David Benoit
Violence Jack: dir. I. Hano '88- Violent Gore Japanimation
Vlad Tepes: Romanian movie on Dracula docus.
Votescam: The Stealing of America '96 with James Collier
Waco The Big Lie parts 1 & 2 ( 2 tapes)
Waco: Hurrell docu.
Waco: Koresh Bio. docu.
Waco: Koresh The First Day report docu.
Waco: Looking For Truth
Waco: The 7th Day- Bill Hicks
Waco: The Branch Davidians Last Will & Testament docu.
Waco: The Inside Story docu. docu.
Waco: The Sinful Messiah- Australian docu on Koresh docu.
Waco: Death of a Cult
Waco: The Conspiracy
Wadd: The Life & Times of John Holmes: dir. C. Paley '98 docu.
Walpurgis Nacht 1995: Celebration in San Pedro Ca.
Polanski on MacBeth + 2 shorts"
Wandering Kid aka Legend of the Overfiend: Hentai erotci/violent anime (x) (3 tapes)
"Warhol & The Avant Garde with Reed & Cale '87, Warhol Death, Ken Anger '90 UK interview, Roman Polaski on Macbeth +Two Men & A Wardrobe, Jean Cocteau UK doc."
"Warhol, Andy: Home Movies of 1966, 71-72"
"Warhol, Andy: I Am From Nowhere"
"Warhol, Andy: Made in China docu. "
"Waters- John-Aes-Nihil Interview,+ Mink Stole Interview"
"Waters, John on Graham Norton"
"Waters, John-Bio and Docu. 81"
Wavelength: dir. Michael Snow '67
We Await
Weather Diary-George Kuchar (6 tapes)
"Weather Underground, The"
Weatherman 69: Raymound Pettibone
"Webb, Jack: Bio."
Wein Actionists-Otto Muhuel (x)
"Wein, Billy (X)"
Weird Cartoons vol. 2
Weird New York: docu.
Weird San Francisco: docu.
Weird World of LSD '67
"Weisse Holle Vom Piz Palu, Die: dir. Leni Riefenstahl, G.W. Pabst, A. Fanch, G. Diesal '29"
Welcome Sinners: The Velvet Hammer Burlisque Revial Shows docu.
"Wells, Orson-Monitor Show on The Trial"
"Wells, Orson-The Lost Films of Docu."
"Wells,Orson-Interview U.K. '84 160 mins"
Welt Am Draht- Fassbinder ( 2 tapes)
"What Happened on the Moon-The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax vols 1,2 "
What Ive Learned About US Foreign Policy The War Against the Third World-Frank Dorrel
What The Peeper Saw: 1972 A wealthy author's wife's comfortable life turns into a terrifying nightmare when her youn stepson starts exhibiting STRANGE BEHAVIOR!
When Angels Fall: dir. Roman Polanski '59
Where The Green Ants Dream: dir. Werner Herzog '84
Whilst Filming The Drift The Goddess Bunny Channels Shakespear '89 dir. Aes-Nihil
White Flame: Leni Riefenstahl- Complete Version
White Power- Lynch & Strasser of SS Aktion on S. Ross Show
"White Power South Africa, Black Power NYC UK docu."
"White Power-KKK expose' of T. Robb, M. Halumore, D. Malone"
White Ship-dir. Roberto Roseillini
White Supremacy: UK docuumentary (3 DVDs)
Who Is Black Dahlia 1975
Who Killed Teddy Bear? Staring Sal Mineo
Wild on the Beach
"Wild, Wild Winter!"
Wildwechsel-Rainer Fassbinder
"Williams, Franklin interview-Let It Burn!"
"Wilson, Rober Anton: At Disinfo "
"Wilson, Rober Anton: Politicaly Incorrect on Acid!"
"Wilson, Robert Anton- Everything Is Under Control"
"Wilson, Robert Anton: Conspiracy Talk 2002"
"Wilson, Robert Anton: Interview & Subgenius Radio "
"Wilson, Robert Anton: The Eye in the Triangle"
"Wilson, Robert Anton: The Universe Contains a Maybe"
Wings of Hope-Werner Herzog
Winter Au Go-Go
Witchcraft 70
Witchcraft and Rock n Roll
Without Warning: Hinckley-Reagan
Wocheusruau 6 Nazi Propaganda Series
Wodaabe Herdsmen of the Son-Herzog 89
Women In Prison 2000
Women of the SS (X)
Wonderful World of Wheels
"Wood, Ed Jr: Incrediably Strange Film Show UK docu. "
World Apartment Horror '91
"World Below, The- The Hollow Earth- D. Crenshaw"
"World of Tomorrow, The"
Worlds Fair-1939 New York: Home Movies (6DVDs)
"World's Greatest Sinner, The '62"
"Wurlitzer, Rudolph- Mfg. Co.:1920's docu. On the manufacture of a Wurlitzer Pipe Organ"
Wuthering Heights: Luis Bunuel
Yesterday Girl: dir. Alexander Klunge '66
"Youth Culture: Brink of Disaster 71, RFD Grennwich Village 65, Coffee House Rendezvous 69"
Zeitgeist docu.
"Zionist, Neo New World Order + Whos the Terrorist?"
"Zone, The Bizarre remake of Solarius (before the Other one)"
Zurich Cop Eaters