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Background photo detail showing Ellen Marie Lucifer © 2001 Phil Kunin

"Allen, A.A.-Crying Demons" CD
"Allen,A.A.-I Am Lucifer" CD
"Anger, Kenneth-Speaks 1968" CD
"Anger, Kenneth-Speaks 1984" CD
"Anger, Kenneth-TOPY Chaos Interview April 3 '93" CD

Beyound Joy and Evil does Aestheticnihilism: 1974 to 1979 CD
Beyound Joy and Evil: 1994-2004 Studio and Live CD
"Cleaver, Eldridge-Dig July 28 '68" AC
"Close, Del & John Bren: How to Speak Hip" CD
"Coe, David Allen: Nigger" CD
"Crowley, Aleister-1910-1914 Recordings" CD
"Crowley, Aleister-Life Documentray" AC
"Crowley, Aleister-U. K. Documentary" AC
"Davis, Angelia-Soul & Soledad" AC
"Dick, Philip K-'74 Notes For a Work in Progress, Converstion with Paul Williams Oct-Nov '74 ( 2 CD's)"
"Dick, Philip K-Interview '81 ( 2 CD's)"
Hank 111: Cat's Cradle Carrboro NC 4-5-05 (Double CD)
Hank 111: The Loft Atlanta Ga 3-21-06 mics (Double CD)
Hank 111: The Loft Atlanta Ga 3-21-06 soundboard (Double CD)
Hank 111: The Loft Atlanta Ga 9-5-05 (Double CD)
Hank 111-Live in Scotland
"Huxley, Aldous-Lecture Lake Forest College Ill." CD
Huxley-Aldous-The Art of Seeing CD
Huxley-Aldous-The Message Docu. On Huxley CD
"Jodorowsky, Alejandro: Psychomagic in San Francisco Nov. 2004" CD
"Jodorowsky, Alejandro-LSD & My Movies" CD  
"Jones, Jim-Father Cares documentary" AC
"Jones, Jim-Jonestown The Last Super" CD
"Jones, Jim-People's Temple Chior-He's Able" CD
Kim Jong Il: DPRK Instrumentals CD
Kim Jong Il: Arirang Festival CD
"La Vey, Anton-Pipe Organ Favorites" CD
"La Vey, Anton-Stereo Fantasy on the Mighty Wurlitzer" CD
"La Vey, Anton-The Black Pope" CD
"La Vey, Anton-The Satanic Mass" CD
"LaVey,Stanton-Interview 8/17/09"
Lords of Chaos-Die Geschichte Der Okkulten Musik (2 CD's)  
"Lucifer, Ellen Marie: The Teachings of (5 CDs)"
Lyman Family- U & I CD
"Lyman Family, Jim Kweskin-Birth" CD
Lyman Family/Jim Kweskin-America CD
Lyman Family/Jim Kweskin-American Avatar r CD
"Lyman, Mel & the Jim Kweskin Jug Band-Live At Newport" CD
"Lyman, Mel/Eric Von Schmidt" Schmidt-Eric Sings Von Schmidt CD
"Lyman, Mel/Jim Kweskin-Relax Your Mind" CD
Manson Maniacs-Bob Larson with Boyd Rice etal AC
"Manson, Charles-Barbara Hoyt Speaks 4 Hour Interview (4 CDs)"
"Manson, Charles-Bobby Beausoleil-Modern Barbarian prison studio recording" CD
"Manson, Charles-Bobby Beausoleil-Prison Concert" CD
"Manson, Charles-Brooks Posten Live & Otherwise vol.1, vol. 2" Double CD
"Manson, Charles-Brooks Posten Then & Now" CD
"Manson, Charles-Diane Lake Interview " CD
"Manson, Charles-Hard Copy Interview complete & uncut (2 CD's)"
"Manson, Charles-Interview with Kevin Kennedy '85" CD
"Manson, Charles-Lie '68" CD
"Manson, Charles-Phone Calls"
"Manson, Charles-Psychadelic Soul '67 ( 2 CDs)"
"Manson, Charles-Sandra Good Interview '90" AC
"Manson, Charles-Sandra Good, Bobby Beausoleil, Bruce Davis-U.K. Interviews" 2 CDs
"Manson, Charles-The Family Jams '70 (2 CDs)" $25.00
"Manson, Charles-The Way of the Wolf '85" CD
"Manson, Charles-Watching Satan cover songs compilation" AC
"Manson, Charles-White Rasta Live in Vacaville '85" CD
"Manson, Charles-White Rasta-The Complete Session (8 CDs)" Not yet released
"Manson-Shadow Over Santa Susana-Adam Gorightly Lecture July 12, 2009"
"Morrisey, Paul-Interview with Aes-Nihil '00" AC
"Nico & John Cale-'70, Nico in Oslo '82" CD
Nico-Amsterdam-Paradiso Club (4 CD's) 2 Acs
Nico-Bologna 2-9-'82 ( 2 CD's) AC
Nico-Bra Italy '86 AC
Nico-Christchurch-Chaslton Hotel 2-26-'86 AC
Nico-Copenhagen '84 (2 CD's) AC
"Nico-Interviews 2-3-'75 BBC, 2-'82 Swedish, 2-19-'86 Melbourne" AC
Nico-Live in Dusseldorf & Bra Italy '86 (2 CDs) y 86 AC
Nico-London Poly Oct. 3-'81 (2 CD's) 3-81 AC
"Nico-London-Venue 7-6-'82, BBC 1-3-'81, French TV '75, '77, '71 UK ( 2 CD's)" K AC
"Nico-Mabuhay SF 5-28-'79, BBC '71 ( 2 CD's)" 71 AC
"Nico-Mabuhay SF 6-1-'79, Old Waldorf 7-21-'82, Interview ( 2 CD's)" w AC
"Nico-Marseille '75, CBGB's 3-8-'79 (2 CD's)" 9 AC
Nico-Munich 9-11-'87 ( 2 CD's) AC
"Nico-Notre Dame 12-13-'74, Paris 2-14-'76 (2 CD's)" AC
Nico-Old Waldorf SF 7-21-'82 ( 2 CD's) 21 82 AC
Nico-Oslo '85 ( 2 CD's) 85 AC
Nico-Paramount Club 6-10-'82 ( 2 CD's) 6 10 82 AC
Nico-Paris Cinema La Palace 2-14-'77 ( 2CD's) 14-'77 AC
"Nico-Washinton DC, Wales Sept. 12 '82-Futurama Leisure Ctr. ( 2 CD's)" ure Ctr AC
"Nitsch, Hermann- In Conversation '75" AC
"NON, 45 Grave, Meat Puppets, Monitor-Press Club '81 ( 2 CD's)" AC
"NON,Boyd Rice-KPFA 3-8-'88 ( 2 CD's)" AC
"NON-Live in LA '00, '01" AC
"Page, Jimmy-Lucifer Rising Soundtrack" AC
"Polanski, Anger, Cocteau, T.V. Mikels-Interviews" CD
Psyco-Drama: Brandeis Radio
Psyco-Drama: Fuck Irak!
Psyco-Drama: Hebe/Fag DBL CD
Psyco-Drama: Hitler Jesus
Psyco-Drama: Ingnerint DBL CD
Psyco-Drama: Large Whiskey Drinkin Men
Psyco-Drama: Live!
Psyco-Drama: Nigger
Psyco-Drama: No Life
Psyco-Drama: The Last Mas
Psyco-Drama: Time Is Passing
"Rand, Ayn-The New Fascism" CD
"Rand, Ayn-The Simplest Thing in the World" CD
"Satan, Chruch of-Boyd Rice vs Bob Larson ( 2 CD's)" AC
"Satan, Church of-Blanch Barton vs Bob Larson (2CD's)" on AC
"Satan, Church of-Peter Gilmore vs Bob Larson (2 CD's)" on AC
Sloppy Titty Freaks 1st LP featuring Die Bitch from the Manson Family Movies soundtrack CD 
Velvet Underground: Live at the Matrix SF 1969 CD
"Waters, John, Mink Stole-Interviews with John Aes-Nihil (2CDs)"  
"Wilson, R.A.- The New Inquisition ( 2 CD's)" n AC
"Wilson, R.A.- Trajectories '92" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-KPFA ( 2 CD's)" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Meeting With ( 2 Cd's)" With AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Religion for the Hell of It ( 2 CD's)" of It AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Secrets of Power" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Secrets of the Illumaniti" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Selves Within Selves" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-The Inner Frontier Oct. '89" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Watertown 91 AC"
"Woodlawn, Holly-Interview with Aes-Nihil '00" AC
YOUNG, LA MONTE Theater of Eternal Music-For Brass (2 CDs)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Theater of Eternal Music-Raga by Ravi (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Theater of Eternal Music-Composition 1960 #7 (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Theater of Eternal Music-Composition 1960 #7 part 2 (2CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Day of Gammedeon (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Pandt Pran Nath (1CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE The Well Tuned Piano 1,2 (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE The Well Tuned Piano 3,4 (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE The Well Tuned Piano (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Kronos Krystals (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Forever Bad Boys Blues Band-Young Dorian Blues in A (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE X 119 The Melodic Version of the Second Dream (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Young Dorian Blues in C (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Bowed Gong (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Second Dream (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Dream House (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Dreams in China (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE The Tortoise (1 CD)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Forever Bad Boys Blues Band-Just Stompin' (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Interviews 1,2 (2 CD's)
YOUNG, LA MONTE Interviews 3,4 (2 Cd's)