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Background photo detail showing Ellen Marie Lucifer © 2001 Phil Kunin

Acid Dreams-Interviews with the authors of the book AC
"Allen, A.A.-Crying Demons" CD
"Allen,A.A.-I Am Lucifer" CD
"Anger, Kenneth-Speaks 1984" CD
"Anger, Kenneth-TCM Interview '01 ( 2 CD's)"
"Anger, Kenneth-TOPY Chaos Interview April 3 '93" CD
Axis Propaganda-Calling All America
"Ballard, J.G.-Desert Island" AC
Beatles- More Masters (2 CDs) s (3 CDs)
"Beverly, J.D. & the Wayward Drifters: Winston-Salem NC Ziggys, 9-4-05" CD
"Beverly, JB & the Wayward Drifters: The Loft Atlanta Ga 9-5-05" CD

Beyound Joy and Evil does Aestheticnihilism: 1974 to 1979 DOUBLE CD
Beyound Joy and Evil: 1994-2004 Studio and Live CD
Big Brother & the Holding Company: Live at California Hall SF 2-12-1967 CD
Bizzare Rituals Sacred & Profane CD
"Cassidy, Neil: Drive!" CD
Celebrities At Their Worst At Their Worst vol. 1 ( 2 CD's)
Celebrities At Their Worst vol. 2 (2 CDs)
"Celine, Louis-Readings" CD
Chicago 8-Conspiracy the Trial of the Chicago 8 ( 2CD's) o 8 AC
"Cleaver, Eldridge-Dig July 28 '68" AC
"Close, Del & John Bren: How to Speak Hip" CD
"Coe, David Allen: Nigger" CD
"Collins, Al Jazzbo & Slim Gaillard-Steve Allens Hip Fables" CD
"Collins, Al Jazzbo: misc. Jazzbeaux recordings" CD
"Collins, Al Jazzbo: X-Minus One Real Gone-Old Time Sci Fic Radio Drama" CD
"Conrad, Tony-Theatre of Eternal Music '73 (2 CDs)"
"Conspiracy: Alex Jones, Jeff Rense" CD
"Corso, Gregory: History of Poetry June 9, 1975 (2CDs)"
"Crawford, Joan-Live At Town Hall '73" CD
Criswell Predicts CD
Crosby Stills & Nash-Session Selections
"Crosby, Stills & Nash-Sessions for 1st LP 1969"
"Crowley, Aleister-1910-1914 Recordings" CD
"Crowley, Aleister-Life Documentray" AC
"Crowley, Aleister-U. K. Documentary" AC
"Davis, Angelia-Soul & Soledad" AC
"Dick, Philip K-'74 Notes For a Work in Progress, Converstion with Paul Williams Oct-Nov '74 ( 2 CD's)"
"Dick, Philip K-Interview '81 ( 2 CD's)"
"Dylan, Bob- Cash/Dylan Sessions '69"
"Dylan, Bob- Stadium Sydney Apr 13 '66" (2 CDs)
"Dylan, Bob- You Know Tom Thumb"
"Dylan, Bob-Toronto Dec 1975 2 CD set"
"Fisher, Bobby vs Amerika" CD
Hank 111: Cat's Cradle Carrboro NC 4-5-05 (Double CD)
Hank 111: The Loft Atlanta Ga 3-21-06 mics (Double CD)
Hank 111: The Loft Atlanta Ga 3-21-06 soundboard (Double CD)
Hank 111: The Loft Atlanta Ga 9-5-05 (Double CD)
Hank 111-Live in Scotland
"Hicks, Bill: Best of" CD
Himmler's Occult Dreams- The Connection betwixt the Dalai Lama & The Third Reich-Dave Emory (Double CD)
"Huxley, Aldous-Lecture Lake Forest College Ill." CD
Huxley-Aldous-The Art of Seeing CD
Huxley-Aldous-The Message Docu. On Huxley CD
Inside Skull & Bones (CD Rom)
Inside Skull & Bones (CD Rom)
"Irving, David: Report on 9/11" CD
"Jodorowsky, Alejandro: Psychomagic in San Francisco Nov. 2004" CD
"Jodorowsky, Alejandro-LSD & My Movies" CD
"Jones, Alex: Martial Law the Rise of the Police State" CD
"Jones, Jim-Father Cares documentary" AC
"Jones, Jim-Jonestown The Last Super" CD
"Jones, Jim-People's Temple Chior-He's Able" CD
Judy Garland-Live Unreleased Performances 53-65 CD
Kim Jong Il: DPRK Instrumentals CD
Kim Jong Il: Arirang Festival CD
"La Vey, Anton-Pipe Organ Favorites" CD
"La Vey, Anton-Stereo Fantasy on the Mighty Wurlitzer" CD
"La Vey, Anton-The Black Pope" CD
"La Vey, Anton-The Satanic Mass" CD
"LaVey,Stanton-Interview 8/17/09"
Lords of Chaos-Die Geschichte Der Okkulten Musik (2 CD's)
"LSD, The Story-Livingston, Schiller, Cohen" AC
"LSD-Battle For The Mind, Instant Insanity Drugs" CD
LSD-If You Turn On CD
LSD-The CIA & LSD- (4 CD's) 4 Acs
"Lucifer, Ellen Marie: The Teachings of (5 CDs)"
"Lucifer, Ellen Marie: The Teachings of (2CDs)"
Lyman Family- U & I CD
"Lyman Family, Jim Kweskin-Birth" CD
Lyman Family/Jim Kweskin-America CD
Lyman Family/Jim Kweskin-American Avatar r CD
"Lyman, Mel & the Jim Kweskin Jug Band-Live At Newport" CD
"Lyman, Mel/Eric Von Schmidt" Schmidt-Eric Sings Von Schmidt CD
"Lyman, Mel/Jim Kweskin-Relax Your Mind" CD
Manson Maniacs-Bob Larson with Boyd Rice etal AC
"Manson, Charles-Barbara Hoyt Speaks 4 Hour Interview (4 CDs)"
"Manson, Charles-Bobby Beausoleil-Modern Barbarian prison studio recording" CD
"Manson, Charles-Bobby Beausoleil-Prison Concert" CD
"Manson, Charles-Brooks Posten Live & Otherwise vol.1, vol. 2" Double CD
"Manson, Charles-Brooks Posten Then & Now" CD
"Manson, Charles-Diane Lake Interview " CD
"Manson, Charles-Hard Copy Interview complete & uncut (2 CD's)"
"Manson, Charles-Interview with Kevin Kennedy '85" CD
"Manson, Charles-Lie '68" CD
"Manson, Charles-Phone Calls"
"Manson, Charles-Psychadelic Soul '67 ( 2 CDs)"
"Manson, Charles-Sandra Good Interview '90" AC
"Manson, Charles-Sandra Good, Bobby Beausoleil, Bruce Davis-U.K. Interviews" 2 CDs
"Manson, Charles-The Family Jams '70 (2 CDs)" $25.00
"Manson, Charles-The Way of the Wolf '85" CD
"Manson, Charles-Watching Satan cover songs compilation" AC
"Manson, Charles-White Rasta Live in Vacaville '85" CD
"Manson, Charles-White Rasta-The Complete Session (8 CDs)" Not yet released
"Manson-Shadow Over Santa Susana-Adam Gorightly Lecture July 12, 2009"
"Maxwell, Jordan: Toxic Religion" CD
"Mc Kenna, Terrance-Psychadelic Expirence " CD
"McCartney,Paul: the Paul is Dead Hoax (CD roms)" 2 CDs
Merman-Ethel-The Ethel Merman Disco Album CD
Merman-Ethel-With Stanley Black/The London Festival Orchestra CD
Metallica: Demo CD
"Miller, Henry- Interview 12-26-'77 ( 2 CD's)"
"Miller, Henry-Interview 6-'62 ( 2 CD's)"
"Miller, Henry-reads I'm Just Wild About Harry ( 2 CD's)"
Misfits: Al's Bar CD
"Morrisey, Paul-Interview with Aes-Nihil '00" AC
Mothersbaugh-Music For Edward Gorey CD
"Mussolini, Benito-Discorsi Di Benito Mussolini 32-35, 35-36,40-44 ( 3 CD's)" 4 Acs
Nazi Navy Marches
"Nico & John Cale-'70, Nico in Oslo '82" CD
Nico-Amsterdam-Paradiso Club (4 CD's) 2 Acs
Nico-Bologna 2-9-'82 ( 2 CD's) AC
Nico-Bra Italy '86 AC
Nico-Christchurch-Chaslton Hotel 2-26-'86 AC
Nico-Copenhagen '84 (2 CD's) AC
"Nico-Interviews 2-3-'75 BBC, 2-'82 Swedish, 2-19-'86 Melbourne" AC
Nico-Live in Dusseldorf & Bra Italy '86 (2 CDs) y 86 AC
Nico-London Poly Oct. 3-'81 (2 CD's) 3-81 AC
"Nico-London-Venue 7-6-'82, BBC 1-3-'81, French TV '75, '77, '71 UK ( 2 CD's)" K AC
"Nico-Mabuhay SF 5-28-'79, BBC '71 ( 2 CD's)" 71 AC
"Nico-Mabuhay SF 6-1-'79, Old Waldorf 7-21-'82, Interview ( 2 CD's)" w AC
"Nico-Marseille '75, CBGB's 3-8-'79 (2 CD's)" 9 AC
Nico-Munich 9-11-'87 ( 2 CD's) AC
"Nico-Notre Dame 12-13-'74, Paris 2-14-'76 (2 CD's)" AC
Nico-Old Waldorf SF 7-21-'82 ( 2 CD's) 21 82 AC
Nico-Oslo '85 ( 2 CD's) 85 AC
Nico-Paramount Club 6-10-'82 ( 2 CD's) 6 10 82 AC
Nico-Paris Cinema La Palace 2-14-'77 ( 2CD's) 14-'77 AC
"Nico-Washinton DC, Wales Sept. 12 '82-Futurama Leisure Ctr. ( 2 CD's)" ure Ctr AC
Nirvana: First Gig CD
Nirvana: Live in Milan Italy CD
Nirvana: Rennes- dobule CD
Nirvana: Roseland CD
Nirvana: Smart Studio CD
"Nirvana-New Year's Eve -Oakalnd 93, Hollywood Underground Seattle '88" double CD
Nirvana-Seattle Sept 21 '91 CD
"Nitsch, Hermann- In Conversation '75" AC
"NON, 45 Grave, Meat Puppets, Monitor-Press Club '81 ( 2 CD's)" AC
"NON,Boyd Rice-KPFA 3-8-'88 ( 2 CD's)" AC
"NON-Live in LA '00, '01" AC
"Page, Jimmy-Lucifer Rising Soundtrack" AC
"Polanski, Anger, Cocteau, T.V. Mikels-Interviews" CD
Prank Phone Calls-Just Fart & Laugh CD
"Psycho-Drama: No Body, KKK Rally"
Psycho-Drama: Bob is a Fag!
Psycho-Drama: Brandeis Radio
Psycho-Drama: Fuck Irak!
Psycho-Drama: Gay Southerners
Psycho-Drama: Hebe/Fag + Deception Songs
Psycho-Drama: Hitler Jesus
Psycho-Drama: Hot Damn Aramarama
Psycho-Drama: Ig'nit
Psycho-Drama: Large Whiskey Drinkin Men AC
Psycho-Drama: Live!
Psycho-Drama: Nigger AC
Psycho-Drama: No Life
Psycho-Drama: The Last Mass
"Rand, Ayn-The New Fascism" CD
"Rand, Ayn-The Simplest Thing in the World" CD
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-A Portrait in Sound ( 2CD's)" d AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-America Under A Curse ( 2 CD's)" Curse AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-Brown University (2 CD's)" AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-Dallas ( 3 CD's)" 2 Acs
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-L.A. Radio (3 CD's)" adio 2 Acs
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-Lynchburg ( 2 CD's)" burg AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-N.Y.C. ( 2 CD's)" AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-Raise The Banner ( 2 CD's)" AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-Rockwell vs the NAACP ( 2 CD's)" AACP AC
"Rockwell, George Lincoln-Speaks to New People ( 2 CD's)" eople AC
Rolling Stones-Catfish 64-72
Rolling Stones-Missing in Action-Catfish comp.
Rolling Stones-Tattoo Out takes 2 CD set
Rolling Thunder Review vol 2 1975
"Satan, Chruch of-Boyd Rice vs Bob Larson ( 2 CD's)" AC
"Satan, Church of-Blanch Barton vs Bob Larson (2CD's)" on AC
"Satan, Church of-Peter Gilmore vs Bob Larson (2 CD's)" on AC
Sex Education for Children CD
Sex Education-Christopher Recordings CD
Sloppy Titty Freaks 1st LP featuring Die Bitch from the Manson Family Movies soundtrack CD
"Smith, Patti-Live at Amoeba LA 2007 (2 CDs)"
Tiny Tim-X-Mass Album
Turner-Nik-Transglobal Friends & Relations Relations (2 CDs) 2 CDs
Velvet Underground: Live at the Matrix SF 1969 CD
"Warhol, Andy-Lonesome Cowboys, Interviews with the Stars" CD
"Waters, John, Mink Stole-Interviews with John Aes-Nihil (2CDs)"
"Waters, John-Interviews-KPFA, BBC, Letterman" AC
"Williams, Hank- The Complete Mothers Best Radio Shows 15 CDs $200.00 the set"
"Wilson, Colin-Outsiders Speech" AC
"Wilson, Colin-Singing Bells of Tibet, Laurel & Hardy Theory of Conscience ( 2 CD's)" science AC
"Wilson, R.A.- The New Inquisition ( 2 CD's)" n AC
"Wilson, R.A.- Trajectories '92" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-KPFA ( 2 CD's)" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Meeting With ( 2 Cd's)" With AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Religion for the Hell of It ( 2 CD's)" of It AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Secrets of Power" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Secrets of the Illumaniti" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Selves Within Selves" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-The Inner Frontier Oct. '89" AC
"Wilson, R.A.-Watertown 91 AC"
"Woodlawn, Holly-Interview with Aes-Nihil '00" AC
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 11-Forever Bad Blues Band-Just Stompin' vols. 1 & 2 (2 CDs)"
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 12-x119-The Melodic Version of the Second Dream of High Tension Line Stepdown, etc (2 CDs)"
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 10-Kronos Krystals '90" CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 17-Interviews 1,2,3,4 (4 CDs)"
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 8-The Well Tuned Piano vols. 3 & 4 (2 CDs)"
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 9-The Well Tuned Piano vol. 5 " CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 13-Young Dorian Blues- The Forever Bad Boys Blues Band '89" CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 14-Second Dream" CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 15-Dream House" CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 16-Dreams In China" CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 18- The Tortise" CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 1-Theatre of Eternal Music For Brass '58" of Eternal Music- For Brass '58 CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 2-Theatre of Eternal Music " "of Eternal Music- Raga by Rava, Poem For Chairs etc." CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 3-Theatre of Eternal Music" of Eternal Music- Compostion 1960 #7 etc. CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 4 Composition 1960 etc. CD"
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 4-Theatre of Eternal Music-Compostion 1960 #7 cont., etc." CD
"Young, La Monte- Vol. 5-Day of Gammedeon, etc. " " 5-Day of Gammedeon, etc. (2 CDs)"
"Young, La Monte: Vol. 6-Pandt Pran Nath 71 CD"
"Young, LaMonte: Vol. 7 The Well Tuned Piano vols 1,2 (2CDs)"
"Young, LaMonte: Vol. 3 Compostion 1960 cont. CD"